Undergraduate Financial Aid

The FDU Office of Financial Aid has begun sending financial aid offers to admitted students. 

NOTE: If you are an admitted undergraduate student and have not yet submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), we encourage you to do so in order to ensure you receive maximum financial aid consideration.

The Financial Aid Office wants to ensure that you can review your personal financial aid offer with a financial aid counselor and get answers to your questions.  Please see the three options below for setting up time to meet with a financial aid counselor.

Drop in to our Zoom Meeting Room.  No appointment needed!

Monday to Thursday: 11 AM to 2 PM.


Schedule an In-Person, Phone or Zoom Appointment:

Monday to Thursday: 9 AM to 7 PM

In-person appointments are available until 5 PM. Phone and Zoom appointments are available until 7 PM

Fairleigh Dickinson University administers a variety of academic and need-based funding from federal, state and University sources. Financial aid is available to qualified full-time and part-time matriculated students at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Students applying for financial aid are considered for every program for which they are eligible.

If you have additional questions concerning the Metropolitan Campus, we can be reached at 201-692-2363. For questions or concerns regarding the Florham Campus, we can be reached at 973-443-8700. Also, you may email your questions to finaid@fdu.edu

The FAFSA should be completed EVERY year in order to determine eligibility. The form is available on studentaid.gov/.

New students are expected to file their application no later than March 15.

Returning students are expected to file their application no later than April 15.

Financial aid awards are processed annually and are offered upon continued financial need, enrollment status, availability of funds, and maintaining satisfactory academic progress. In addition, a student may not be in default and/or may not owe a refund on any Title IV and/or HEA Loans and grants.

If financial concerns are preventing you from attending, please consider appealing by contacting us at review@fdu.edu.  We are dedicated to helping you make an informed decision in a timely manner. Once you have submitted your appeal and any additional documents we may need to review, we’ll have a decision for you within a week.

College Financing Plan

For information about the College Financing Plan, please see College Financing Plan page.

International Students and Athletes

International students are not eligible for federal, state or University need-based financial aid. However, international students are eligible for athletic funding, as provided by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) guidelines, as well as academic scholarships.

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