Apply for Graduation

How to Apply for Graduation

The application is located in Self-Service under Academic Profile. You would click on the link:  Application for Graduation.

A graduation application fee will be billed to your account. The current application fee will be noted in Self-Service.


You must be an Active student in order to log onto Self-Service and apply for graduation. Please contact the Office of Enrollment Services for your campus in order to be readmitted and become an Active student or for additional information. For students that missed 2 or more major semesters (FA/SP) you must visit the Admissions Office in order to be readmitted.

Executive MBA Programs – Not available for students seeking degrees in the Executive MBA Programs; therefore, you must meet with your advisor to discuss graduation and obtain an approval form when it is time to apply for graduation.

The Office of Enrollment Services

Hours of Operation (both locations)

Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Please contact via email at or by phone as follows:

Metropolitan Campus: 201-692-2214

Florham Campus: 973-443-8600