Diploma Information

When Will I Receive My Diploma?

Diplomas are not given out at Commencement. Your diploma will be mailed out 4-6 weeks after the graduation date.

Students that participate in the Commencement Ceremony held in May, but need to complete their requirements over the summer/fall semesters,  your diploma will not be awarded until you have fulfilled all of the degree requirements. Your diploma will be sent out via priority mail, which is a 2 day mailing, to the address noted on your application for graduation.

Release of Diploma

All financial holds must be satisfied before you can receive your diploma; otherwise, your diploma will be withheld. Financial Holds include: Accounts Receivable, Federal Exit Interview, Federal Loan Default, Perkins Exit Interview, Perkins Loan Default, or Write/Off Collection holds.

Once your account has been satisfied of all Financial Holds, contact the Office of Enrollment Services by email at Registrar@fdu.edu or by phone: Metropolitan Campus at 201-692-2472 or Florham Campus at 973-443-8600 alerting us to look at your account and remove holds as appropriate. We will confirm the mailing address as to where the diploma will be mailed via Priority 2nd Mail.

What Will be Noted on My Diploma?

Diplomas will indicate the student’s name (as requested on the Application for graduation), the type of degree awarded (i.e. Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy, etc.), the graduation date, and Latin honors, if applicable (Undergraduate students only).

Please note that academic programs, minors, and concentrations will NOT be indicated on the diploma. If you need to show proof of your major, minor or concentration, this information will be noted on your transcript. Please see www.getmytranscript.org if interested in ordering a transcript.

Size of Diplomas

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Degrees: 8½ x 11 inches
  • Doctoral Degrees: 11 x 14 inches