Graduation Diplomas

Application for Graduation

Students are required to notify the Office of Enrollment Services of their intention to graduate no less than 5 months prior to graduation. An Application for Graduation is available via Self-Service.


Please meet with your Advisor prior to registering for your last semester to ensure you take all the required courses needed to complete the degree.

Application and Fees

Apply online via your Self-Service account; the current fees and deadlines are shown there.

Please apply as soon as possible.

Commencement Eligibility

The Commencement Ceremony takes place one time each year in May. If you wish to walk in the May commencement ceremony you may have no more than 6 credits outstanding, and you must be registered for the remaining credits for the summer semester.  In this instance, you will be considered a September graduate.

Depending upon completion of your degree requirements you may graduate in either one of the following graduation periods:  September, February, or May. The Commencement ceremony only takes place in May each year, and all prior September and February graduates of that year are eligible to participate.

Graduation Information

In March, The Office of the Dean of Students will mail out information concerning the commencement activities to all qualified students who applied for graduation. Graduation Salute is held in early April where students can pick up their graduation regalia, such as:  cap and gown, invitations, Latin Honor medals (undergraduate students only, if applicable), as well as shop for class rings, take photos, etc.

Latin Honors

An undergraduate student whose cumulative grade point ratio (CGPR) is

  • 3.85 will receive their degree summa cum laude;
  • 3.67 will receive their degree magna cum laude; 
  • 3.33 will receive their degree cum laude.

Only weighted grades will be included in computing honors. Only the credits taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University, which must be a minimum of 54 credits, will be used in this evaluation.

Due to time constraints associated with the printing of the commencement program, the Latin honors listed therein are determined as of the end of the fall semester. The final listing for the commencement period will include those honors earned as of the completion of the spring semester, and diplomas will reflect this achievement.