Replacement and Apostille Diploma Requests

How To Request a Replacement Diploma:

Students may request a replacement diploma by completing the Replacement Diploma form and emailing it to or by secure fax to 201-692-2209.

Information required to process replacement diploma request, which is noted on the form includes:

  • Your full name while enrolled at FDU
  • The campus you attended
  • Your student ID number or the last 4 digits of Social Security Number
  • Type of Degree and Date Awarded
  • Diploma name (Exactly as it is to be inscribed on diploma – please print clearly)
  • Brief description of reason for order
  • The exact address where diploma is to be mailed
  • Your signature with a notary
  • Check, or money order (American currency) made out to FDU
  • Fee: $45.00

Please submit completed form to the Metropolitan Campus address below:

Teaneck or Rutherford students:

  • For information contact: (201) 692-2472
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University Records Office
    Metropolitan Campus
    1000 River Road – T-KB1-05
    Teaneck, New Jersey 07666
    Attention: Replacement Diploma Requests

Madison students:

  • For information contact: (973) 443-8600
  • Fairleigh Dickinson University Records Office
    Florham Campus
    285 Madison Avenue M-MS0-04
    Madison, New Jersey 07940
    Attention: Replacement Diploma Requests

Apostille/Certification of Authentication

How to Request a Diploma/Transcript with an Apostille/Certification of Authentication

Click on the link below to access the Apostille Diploma/Transcript Request Form. Completed forms should be emailed to, or sent via secure fax to 201-692-2209.


  1. Download the Apostille Diploma/Transcript Request Form
  2. Your signature with a notary
  3. Return completed form to the address at the top of the form
  4. The process takes about 4-6 weeks

For information about the Apostille, please visit: