Public Management Graduate Certificate

Students in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program can be awarded the Public Management Graduate Certificate before graduation. 

This certificate is offered by the School of Public and Global Affairs at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey; Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey; online; or at off-campus locations. 


Choose six courses from the following.  

To determine the availability of a course in a particular semester, students should check with their academic adviser. 

  • MADS6636 Global Preparedness for Catastrophic Emergencies 
  • PADM6600 Public and Nonprofit Management 
  • PADM6601 Organization Theory  
  • PADM6602 Budgeting and Finance 
  • PADM6603 Public Policy Administration 
  • PADM6604 Human Resources Management 
  • PADM6606 Analytic Methods of Decision Making  
  • PADM6680 Information Technology Management 
  • PADM6686 Women in Leadership 
  • PADM6801 Seminar in Strategic Management  
  • PADM6802 Strategic Health Services Management 
  • PADM6803 Elder Care Legal Issues 
  • PADM6804 Homeless Policy I 
  • PADM6811 Independent Study in Public Administration 
  • PADM6812 Political Environment of Public Administration  
  • PADM6815 Public Policy Research 
  • PADM6816 World Heritage Law and Policy  
  • PADM6821 MPA Project Report 
  • PADM6833 Understanding Homelessness 
  • PADM7712 Managing Organizational Change 
  • PADM7713 Organizational Performance Assessment 
  • PADM7714 Legal Environment of Public Administration 
  • PADM7715 Employee Relations 
  • PADM7716 Delivery of Public Services 
  • PADM7717 Planning and Marketing for Managers 
  • PADM7718 Contemporary Management Issues 
  • PADM7721 Urban Planning for Administrators  
  • PADM7724 Comparative Governmental and Administrative Systems 
  • PADM7726 Development of Political and Administrative Theory 
  • PADM7730 Health Care Project Management 
  • PADM7731 Introduction to Health Care Systems  
  • PADM7732 Health Finance and Control Systems 
  • PADM7733 Quantitative Methods for Health Administration 
  • PADM7734 Managing the Continuum of Care 
  • PADM7735 Comparative Health Systems  
  • PADM7736 Integrated Health Care Systems 
  • PADM7737 Ethical and Legal Issues in Health Care  
  • PADM7740 State and Local Government Organization and Management 
  • PADM7742 Government Personnel Administration 
  • PADM7743 Collective Bargaining and Labor Relations 
  • PADM7747 Public Sector Communications 
  • PADM7749 Development of Global Transportation Systems 
  • PADM7753 Issues of Security and Transportation Systems 
  • PADM7760 Seminar in Strategic Thinking 
  • PADM7763 Development of Modern International Relations 
  • PADM7769 Aviation Management and Operations 
  • PADM7770 Global Administration Skills 
  • PADM7771 US Transportation Systems and Impact on American Society  
  • PADM7772 Environmental and Sociologic Aspects of Global Transportation 

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