“The School upholds public service as a calling, embraces public administration as a necessity, and maintains that public-regarding citizens are essential to a healthy and sustainable society.”

— Dr. Peter Woolley

Admissions Information

This unique graduate school attracts outstanding students on four campuses in Canada; the U.K. and the U.S.A., and over 30 strategic off-site locations in New Jersey, with the goal of preparing you for substantial advancement in your public or non-profit career or to launch a new career in public service.

The School is a leader in reaching the working professional with part-time cohorts during evening and weekend hours, using in-person, online, and blended formats.

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Our master’s programs prepare you to make an immediate impact in the workplace and excel within your industry. All courses are taught by expert faculty who hold advanced degrees and readily share their valuable practical knowledge. You may be eligible for advanced standing due to prior learning experiences, helping you earn your degree even more quickly and affordably.

The school offers multiple dimensions of professional and global education and research:

  • The Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Administration (CHSA) is a fully online program for leadership in enforcing and ensuring cyber and homeland security.
  • The Master of Administrative Science (MAS) builds administrative and leadership skills for experienced working professionals in the private, government, and not-for-profit sectors.
  • The Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration (MHEA) is the professional degree to build career credentials in administrative support and student services in higher education.
  • The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is the internationally-recognized management degree for leadership in the public and non-profit sectors, whether on a global or local scale.
  • The Master of Arts in Global Affairs is offered primarily to consular and diplomatic staff from around the globe. Key professors include former United Nations Ambassadors and Consuls General and other outstanding professionals and academics who lead small, in-person classes primarily in consulates and missions to the United Nations.
  • Certificates: SPGA offers graduate certificates that are designed to meet the continuing educational and professional development needs of practitioners and students. Certificates are offered on-campus, online, and at off-site locations. They can be completed as an individual credential or incorporated into a related master’s degree for those meeting the program admission requirements. Certificates are six courses (18 credits). Students in any of the master’s programs are permitted to apply their courses towards one degree and also towards graduate certificate(s). We encourage students to incorporate a graduate certificate in their master’s study plan.

Earn impressive credentials

In each semester of study, our programs enable you to:

  • Participate in small, cohort-based seminars and field-based projects.
  • Work towards developing solutions for a variety of critical issues that are both global and local: municipal management, housing and homelessness, transportation and sustainability, global politics, and health care delivery.
  • Develop and execute research projects with accomplished mentors.
  • Collaborate on grant-funded projects from agencies, corporations, and non-profits.
  • Acquire experience in policy analysis with the goal of developing a portfolio of white papers and specializing in issues of your choice.
  • Identify opportunities for networking, internships, externships and job placement.

Reflecting trusted values

The School upholds public service as a calling, embraces public administration as a necessity, and maintains that public-regarding citizens are essential to a healthy and sustainable society.

We want our students to:

  • Shape the content of courses, pursuing their questions and their solutions.
  • Build relationships with colleagues in the classroom and outside.
  • Connect local solutions to global problems and global solutions to local ones.
  • Collaborate with constituents, stakeholders, and colleagues; identify, analyze, and test solutions.

We want our alumni to:

  • Listen to independent voices and look below the radar.
  • Identify and facilitate bottom-up solutions.
  • Both employ and extend FDU’s global viewpoint.
  • Advocate as individuals and team members in public, private, non-profit organizations and partnerships that consist of diverse talents and that seek diverse opportunities.
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