Faculty and Staff of School of Public and Global Affairs

Special Lecturers

Full time Faculty 

  • Anthony Adrignolo, MSOR, Professor of Global Transportation Studies 
  • Jay Arike, Lecturer (MAS-Vancouver) 
  • Bahareh Assadi: Lecturer and Assistant Director, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Jaime Buenahora Febres, Ph.D., clinical professor of law and comparative politics, and former Consul General of Ecuador in New York. 
  • Connie Bygrave, Assistant Professor, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Ajay K. Garg, Associate Professor and Associate Director, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Ernest Kovacs Jr., BA, M.Ed., Ed.D.; Associate Professor 
  • Paulette Laubsch, DPA, CPM, Professor of Public Administration and Academic Coordinator, MPA Program 
  • Phyllis MacIntyre, Assistant Professor, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Andrea Nicki, Lecturer, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Chimezie Ozurumba, PhD, Associate Professor of Public Administration 
  • William Roberts, PhD, Professor of History 
  • Raymundo C. Rosada, Jr., Lecturer, MAS-Vancouver 
  • William “Pat” Schuber, Esq., BA, JD; Senior Lecturer  
  • William Toms, BA, MA, Ed.D.; Assistant Professor  
  • Peter J. Woolley, PhD, Founding Director, School of Public and Global Affairs; Professor of Comparative Politics 

Contingent Faculty 

  • Wolfgang Albrecht, MPA, MEd, Public Administration 
  • Christian Tabi Amponsah, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Dawn Andrews, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Jeff Angermeyer, MA, EdS, Public Administration 
  • Ozen Asik, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Tom Barstow, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • Ulrike Berzau, MM, MHS, PT, FACHE, Public Administration 
  • Brenda Blackmon, MPA, Public Administration 
  • James Bruno, MA, Administrative Science 
  • Barbara  Camacho, JD, Public Administration 
  • Luana Carcano, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Victor Carter, MPA, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • George Case, MBA, Administrative Science & Student Services Administration 
  • Badr Un Nisa Chand, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Jose Cid, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Maria Elizabeth Torres Concepcion, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Timothy Cressey, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • Fred Deickmann, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • Gudrun Dreher, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Madelyn Ferrans, JD, Public Administration 
  • Rashi Gaur, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Brian Geoghegan, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • Clark Gettinger, M.B.A., Public Administration, Program Manager, Newark MPA Program, and Internship Program Coordinator 
  • Richard Humphreys, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Izelde L. Van Jaarsveld, MAS-Vancouver 
  • William Jackson, Sr., MPA, Public Administration 
  • Afsaneh Javadi,  MAS-Vancouver 
  • Loveleen Kaur, MAS-Vancouver 
  • James Keane, MPA, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • Mary Beth Kelly, MAS, Administrative Science
  • Eoin Kennedy, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Amit Kohli, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Amit Chaturvedi Kumar, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Doug Lemanowicz,  Administrative Science and Student Services Administration
  • Carlos Leon, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Michelle Lewis, MPA, Public Administration 
  • Raymond Massi, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • William, McKnight, MS, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • Mark Meirowitz, Ph.D., J.D., visiting scholar in law and comparative politics. 
  • Vikas Misra, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Lisa Palleson, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Rajakeerthy Parswanna-Vijayakumar, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Shailendra Pathak, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Donald Pavlak, MA, Administrative Science 
  • Sharyn Peiffer, JD, Administrative Science and Homeland Security
  • Vincent Petrecca, MAS, Administrative Science 
  • Rowan Pradgat, MS Healthcare Management, Public Administration 
  • Louai Rahal, MAS-Vancouver 
  • James Randall, MAS-Valemanncouver 
  • Robert Ritchie, DCJ, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • Cecille O. Rosada, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Ahmad Salman, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Farsad Sarmad, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Sydney A. Scott, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Atul Shah, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Darshan Shah, MBA, Student Services Administration 
  • Steven Shallop, MBA, Administrative Science 
  • Rhudell Snelling, MPA, Off-Campus Programs and Adjunct Professor of Public Administration 
  • Neil Spidaletto, MA, Administrative Science 
  • Michael Tarantino, MAS, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • Nick Theodos, MA, Administrative Science 
  • James Tong, MAS-Vancouver 
  • Jennifer Troxell, MSS, Student Services Administration 
  • Matthew Walker, MPA, Administrative Science 
  • Gregory Washington, MPA, Off-Campus Programs and Adjunct Professor of Public Administration 
  • Gus Xhudo, PhD, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • Christopher York, MAS, Administrative Science & Cyber and Homeland Security 
  • David Zatz, PhD, Public Administration 
  • William  Zimmerle, Ph.D., History and Anthropology. 

SPGA Staff 

Barbara Dawson, Program Assistant 

Donna L. Ganley, MAS; Senior Coordinator 

Ajay K. Garg, Associate Professor and Associate Director, FDU-Vancouver 
Bahareh Assadi: Lecturer and Assistant Director, FDU-Vancouver 

Clark Gettinger, Program Manager, Newark MPA Program; and Internship Program Coordinator 

Christie Innes, Assistant to the Director and Liaison to the United Nations 

Dr. Paulette Laubsch, MPA Program Coordinator and Academic Advisor 

Lorraine S. Nienstedt, MAS, CPM, Associate Director 

Rhudell Snelling, MPA, Assistant Director for Off-Campus Programs and Adjunct Professor of Public Administration  

Gregory Washington, MPA, Assistant Director for Off-Campus Programs and Adjunct Professor of Public Administration   

Dr. Peter J. Woolley, Founding Director