Entertainment Business and Management Minor

The entertainment business and management interdisciplinary minor allows the student to focus on the unique requirements of developing a product for the entertainment and/or communication industries. Aspects of production management and communication are addressed in this minor, and the student will learn about the business role of the producer — from acquiring a product through production and distribution. Skills involved and developed include leadership, communication, marketing, and accounting.

The minor is composed of 15 credits in specified film, entrepreneurship, marketing, business and/or communication courses, designed to introduce students to the business and management side of entertainment.

The minor is offered by the School of the Arts, Maxwell Becton College of Arts and Sciences, at the Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey.

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • ENTR2710 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • FILM3426 Producing Movies
  • FILM3427 Distributing Movies and Media

Elective Courses (6 credits)

For students in the minor who are majoring in communication or who are at the Silberman College of Business, the occasional prerequisite seen below, will not pose a problem in completing the minor. Most of the courses listed here do not have prerequisites.

  • ENTR3160 Launching New Ventures
  • BUSI1000 Foundations of Business
  • COMM2002 Small Group Communication
  • COMM2099 Professional Communications
  • COMM3004 Organizational Communication
  • COMM3030 Events Planning (prerequisite is COMM2004 Public Relations Principles)
  • ENTR3101 Small Business Management: Entrepreneurial Perspectives (blended course)
  • ENTR3300 E-business for Entrepreneurs (online)
  • ENTR3601 Women As Entrepreneurs (online)
  • MGMT2600 Organizational Behavior
  • MKTG3360 Digital Marketing (prerequisite is MKTG2120 Principles of Marketing; which is required of all SOA students)