Arthur Murphy

Arthur Murphy

Professor of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics

Contact Information


  • General Chemistry I (Lecture)
  • General Chemistry II (lecture) 
  • Physical Chemistry I (Lecture) (Both Graduate and Undergraduate
  • Physical Chemistry I (Lab)
  • Physical Chemistry II (Lecture)
  • Physical Chemistry II (Lab)
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Lecture)
  • Instrumental Methods of Analysis (Lab)


(1) Applications of Hartree-Fock theory to model systems (Supervised a Thesis resulted in two peer-reviewed Publications)

(2) Applications of Bader Theory using software originally not designed to do such work. (Supervised two fairly recent Thesis)

(3) Foundational Issues associated with Quantum Mechanics, known from its inception,   continued to perplex practitioners. The book with the title “Do we really Understand Quantum Mechanic?” is typical of what one encounters.  Tremendous strides have been made in terms of practical applications of Quantum Mechanics, yet basic problems remain unresolved.


  • BS,  Fairleigh  Dickinson University
  • MS, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology

Academic Profile

Almost every semester, faced with heavy teaching loads, I have devoted my career to Teaching.  I take a  personal interest in the intellectual development of all of my students.  My approach is quite simple.  I try to emphasize, three stages of a student’s development.

Stage 1. This initial stage is designed to give beginning students confidence. Emphasis is placed on drill problems, giving students a good background for later developments.

Stage 2. In this stage, I try to relate the skills learned in Stage I to common situations with which students can easily relate.

Stage 3. In this final stage, I try to extend this knowledge to situations that may be totally new to students.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to receive three teaching awards for my efforts:

(1)         University College Teaching Award
(2)         Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF)  Award (twice)

Non-Academic Interests:

  • Drawing
  • Art History
  • Art Forgery
  • History of the 1347 “Great Mortality” Pandemic
  • Codes, and Ciphers
  • Music “Classical, Jazz, and Bossa Nova”

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