Nicole Hansen

Assistant Professor of Learning Disabilities, Peter Sammartino School of Education

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  • Introduction to Special Education and Students with Disabilities including Autism 
  • Child and Adolescent Development
  • Classroom Management and Positive Behavior Supports
  • Multisensory Math Instruction for Students with Disabilities


  • Mathematics
  • Learning disabilities
  • Teacher preparation
  • Disability awareness
  • Attitudes and practices when discussing disability


  • BS, The College of New Jersey
  • MAT, The College of New Jersey
  • PhD, University of Delaware


Currently, I teach courses in special education to undergraduate and graduate students. In my teaching, I have students apply their knowledge in authentic ways while developing critical thinking skills. I look forward to getting to know my students and value the contributions that they bring to our classroom community.

Broadly, my research interests are focused on helping students with learning difficulties succeed, both by deepening our understanding of mathematics learning disabilities and by investigating how teachers conceive of and engage with disability.

In my first line of research, I investigate the processes and skills that underlie mathematics achievement with an eye toward improving educational practice for students who are struggling in mathematics. Specifically, my work focuses on students’ learning of fractions, a topic that has been long-recognized as an area of difficulty for many U.S. students.

My most recent research, inspired by my teaching, focuses on how pre- and in-service teachers conceive of and engage with disability. Individuals with disabilities are members of a marginalized cultural group that has routinely experienced institutionalized discrimination. Through my work, I seek to address the problem that disability history and culture are often overlooked in today’s K-12 classrooms. I encourage students to consider how physical environments and the prevailing attitudes surrounding disability lead to isolation and exclusion from full participation in society. Ultimately, I aim to create an environment that prepares students to be successful teachers as well as advocates for social justice in schools.