Professor of Economics and Finance

Department of Economics, Finance, and International Business

Metro Campus


  • Principles of Financial Analysis
  • Intermediate Financial Analysis
  • Additional courses in Finance
  • Various courses in Economics and Statistics


  • My primary research interest has been the relative performance of mutual funds compared to benchmarks in view of their costs and turnover. Furthermore, I am working with colleagues to discern the impact of variables such as students’ procrastination in completing graded assignments, and also their performance on quizzes, as predictive indicators of final course grades in introductory finance.


  • BS, Manhattan College
  • MA, Fordham University
  • PhD, Fordham University


The majority of my career has been spent at FDU. In addition to teaching at FDU, I also served as the MBA Program Director at the Metro campus for several years. I was also a full-time faculty member at two other colleges and have been employed both part-time and full-time outside of academia.