The British Studies Minor is designed to offer Becton students who study for the fall/spring semester at Wroxton College the opportunity to earn a minor that recognizes Wroxton.

Wroxton Courses

Choose any 15 credits of British-centered curriculum taken during a fall or spring semester to qualify for the minor, but EXCLUDING Cross-Cultural Perspectives (UNIV 2001) and Global Issues (UNIV 2001).

Becton/Wroxton Summer Courses

Choose either 3 or 6 of the following credits, a program offered jointly every odd year with course sessions at Becton followed by two weeks at Wroxton with site tours in England and France. One can also use an authorized substitute course from another Wroxton summer program.

Becton Courses

Choose any 3 of the following credits beyond the 12 to 15 relevant credits taken at Wroxton. One can also use an authorized substitute course.

Total Hours (15 credit hours)

Course Descriptions