Required Courses (12 credits)

CSCI 1205 Introduction to Computer Programming
CSCI 2215 Introduction to Computer Science
CSCI 2216 Introduction to Computer Science II
CSCI 2255 Discrete Structures

Elective Course (3 credits)

One (1) additional courses in computer science to be selected from the 2000 or higher-level offerings with a CSCI prefix.

Course Descriptions

  • CSCI1205 An introduction to computer programming using the C# language with emphasis on good software engineering practice and basic computer-science concepts. Topics include algorithm, design, top-down design,forms and controls, decicion structures, loops, methods, arrays and lists.

  • CSCI2215 Introduction to computer hardware and software, their interaction and trade-offs. Essentials of a computer organization and arithmetic, programming languages, assemblers, compilers and interpreters, I/O devices, operating systems, databases and files. Basic ideas in the areas of computer networks, system organization, computer theory, and security. Foundation for more advanced courses.

  • CSCI2216 Advanced C++ programming constructs and features will be covered including structured data, file operations, advanced objects and classes, exceptions, and templates.

  • CSCI2255 Set theory, algebraic structures. Boolean algebra and propositional logic, graph theory and other aspects of combinatorial mathematics.