The Dance Studies Minor provides a comprehensive overview of dance as an art form through technique, dance history, dance appreciation and choreographic practice. The minor develops a dancer’s technique, exposes students to a history of the art form, and provides study in creative choreographic principles and practice.

Required Courses (9 credits)

Elective Courses (6 credits)
Select TWO of the following:



Course Descriptions

  • DAN1320 This beginner's course is designed to introduce students to modern dance, jazz and ballet techniques and the basic terminology of dance steps. Emphasis will be placed on developing proper body alignment necessary to dancing. Prior dance training is not required for this course.

  • DAN1322 This course is designed to cover the history of dance from its earliest forms to the present as well as increase appreciation and awareness of dance as an art form. This course will include viewing and researching dancers and choreographers who helped shape history. Through the viewing of film, video and live dance performances, students will experience the art, culture, and universal expression of dance.

  • DAN2020 An introductory course to tap dancing. Students will have the opportunity to develop and master basic tap and performance skills. Students will participate fully in center floor combinations, audition prep, body conditioning, and alignment.

  • DAN2021 This course is designed to provide an opportunity to experience the foundation of dance through the study of ballet. Students will develop alignment, strengthen their ballet vocabulary, and increase their knowledge of ballet.

  • DAN2022 This course is a continuation of the practice and understanding of ballet technique and vocabulary taught in Ballet I (DAN 2021). Students will increase facility and understanding of dance through consistent repetition of exercises and techniques. Students will improve alignment, stamina, and musicality through continued practice.

  • DAN2505 A continuation of Beginning Dance, this course will implement intermediate levels of ballet, modern and jazz techniques. Various dance forms will be studied including traditional, Broadway and contemporary hip hop. Students will improve their technique, co-ordination, flexibility and muscular development.

  • DAN2506 The basic elements of movement will be explored to help actors develop individual expression. The course will focus on co-ordination, grace and improvement of dexterity. Students will work towards creating a physical vocabulary as a basis for developing character.

  • DAN2507 Choreography is the art of making dances. In this course students will practice the skills of creating movement, editing work, notating and rehearsing steps to create choreographic phrases and work. Pre-classic dance forms, modern dance forms, and musical styles will be explored.

  • DAN2600 This class covers different dance styles used in the theatre, including jazz, tap, modern and character dancing. Also, the course introduces students to the dance styles of noted choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, Tommy Tune and Jerome Robbins. They would also be introduced to their signature works. For example, "West Side Story," "Sweet Charity," "My One and Only," ect. and would be taught excerpts from their original choreography. The course will conclude with prepared audition pieces.

  • DAN3020 A secondary course in tap dancing designed to give students the opportunity to further develop and learn tap dancing skills. Students will participate fully in the following: warm ups that take us through the vocabulary of tap; center floor combinations; audition prep; learning to pick up a combination quickly; body conditioning and alignment.