Required Courses

Each course is 3 credits

  • ENTR 2710 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • ENTR 3300 E-Business for Entrepreneurs
  • SPAD 2017 Introduction to Esports
  • SPAD 2018 Esports Internship
  • SPAD 2088 Esports Live Events/Operations

Fundamentals of Esports Innovation and  Entrepreneurship

Esports Innovation and Entrepreneurship provides students a better understanding about entrepreneurship within the Esports industry. Esports is a fast-growing industry and will continue to grow in the upcoming years (Björn & Sören, 2020). The minor explains how Esports is evolving, how Esports organizations can generate revenue, why investors should invest in Esports organizations, and how Esports entrepreneurs can help benefit their community.

The Esports industry is a multi-billion-dollar opportunity for future investors (Cuomo, 2020). Esports is evolving in ways that can generate more revenue, expand Esports technology, and overall can alter the way we view Esports. For example, the gaming industry and the Esports industry can come together in different types of events. These events can be successful in creating more revenue for both the gaming and Esports industries. By entrepreneurs hosting events, sponsorships and new business opportunities can be created as well. Therefore, an entrepreneurial approach is needed in the Esports industry because there needs to be a set structure and a plan for Esports and gaming events (Smith, 2021).

Students will learn that being educated in Esports Innovation and Entrepreneurship and having the knowledge to expand the Esports Industry is essential to creating a successful Esports organization. It’s important to have entrepreneurs who can network communities and decide what content they will present to attract future participants and consumers.

Program Objectives

The objective of this program is to prepare students for competitive jobs in the fast-growing esports industry, specifically innovation and entrepreneurship. This program is designed to guide students to identify various e-sports opportunities, and understand the basics of e-sports innovation and entrepreneurship. Students will be able to:

  • Identify various career opportunities in the e-sports industry
  • Identify and evaluate the fundamentals of e-sports innovations and entrepreneurship
  • Understand the business aspect of e-sports


The standard rates for undergraduate courses.

Contact Information
Robyn Lubisco, Director of the Sport Management Program, Florham
Contact Information
Dr. J.C. Kim
201-692-7272 (Metro Campus) Professor, Sport Management, Metro Campus Program Director

Course Descriptions