The global health and human services graduate certificate is a 12-credit, four-course certificate that covers the essentials for a balanced administrator and leader in healthcare, human services and related fields.  

This certificate is offered by the School of Public and Global Affairs to students enrolled in the Master of Administrative Science degree program at the Vancouver Campus, British Columbia, Canada. 


Choose four courses from the following: 

  • MADS6628 Building Strategic Partnerships 
  • MADS6642 Global Health and Human Services Systems 
  • MADS6643 Community Needs Assessment and Quantitative Analysis for Health and Human Services 
  • MADS6644 Law, Ethics and Policy for Health and Human Services 
  • MADS6645 Marketing Social Change 
  • MADS6646 Finance and Accounting for Health and Human Services  
  • MADS6647 Organizational Planning and Risk Communications 
  • MADS6718 ST: Lifestyle Modification for Community Leaders 
  • MADS6753 Elder Care Law  
  • MADS6804 Homeless Policy I  
  • MADS6833 Understanding Homelessness

For Information 

Ajay Garg, Associate Director of Master of Administrative Science for Vancouver Campus, School of Public and Global Affairs
Associate Professor of Administrative Science