Students in the Master of Public Administration (MPA) program can be awarded the Global Transportation Management Graduate Certificate before graduation. 

This certificate is offered by the School of Public and Global Affairs at the Metropolitan Campus, Teaneck, New Jersey; Florham Campus, Madison, New Jersey; online; or at off-campus locations. 


Students take two foundation courses and four courses in the Global Transportation Management specialization. 

Foundation Courses 

Each course is 3 credits. Select two courses from the following: 

Specialization Courses 

Each course is 3 credits. Select four courses from the following: 

  • PADM6801 Seminar in Strategic Management (27-credit prerequisite) 
  • PADM6812 Political Environment of Public Administration  
  • PADM7714 Legal Environment of Public Administration 
  • PADM7721 Urban Planning for Administrators 
  • PADM7749 Development of Global Transportation Systems 
  • PADM7753 Issues of Security and Transportation Systems 
  • PADM7769 Aviation Management and Operations 
  • PADM7771 US Transportation Systems and Impact on American Society  
  • PADM7772 Environmental and Sociologic Aspects of Global Transportation 
  • PADM7774 Infrastructure 
  • PADM7789 Global Energy System 
  • PADM7810 Airport Operations Management 
  • PADM7856 Cities in Crisis

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