This 16-credit minor is for non-computer science majors.

Required Courses:

MATH 1203 Calculus I (4 credits)
MATH 2255 Discrete Structures (3 credits)
MATH 1133 Applied Statistics (3 credits)
MATH 3335 Introduction to Cryptography (3 credits)
CSCI 1205 Introduction to Computer Programming (3 credits)

Course Descriptions

  • CSCI1205 An introduction to computer programming using the C# language with emphasis on good software engineering practice and basic computer-science concepts. Topics include algorithm, design, top-down design,forms and controls, decicion structures, loops, methods, arrays and lists.

  • MATH1133 An introduction to statistics with applications to the social, behavioral and natural sciences. Introduction to computational statistics using a major statistical computer package. Fall, Spring

  • MATH1203 Slope of a straight lines, slopes of a curve, rate of change of functions, derivatives of algebraic and trigonometric functions, maxima and minima, Mean Value Theorem, indefinite and definite integrals and their applications.

  • MATH2255 Logic, sets, functions, algorithms. Integers, induction and recursion. Relations, posits, equivalence relations, digraphs and matrix representations. Boolean algebra, applications to logic, Boolean identities, Boolean functions, minimization of circuits. Graphs. Trees.

  • MATH3335 Analytic functions. Cauchy's integral theorem and consequences, calculus of residues, entire and meromorphic functions, conformal mapping.