The mathematics minor is for students not majoring in mathematics.

Required Courses (11 credits)

Electives (7 credits)

Seven credits of additional course work in mathematics to be selected from the 2000 or higher-level offerings in mathematics (MATH).

Contact Information
Laila Khreisat, Ph.D.

Course Descriptions

  • MATH1201 Slope, equations of lines, slope of a curve, rate of change of a function, derivatives of algebraic and transcendental functions, maxima and minima, the Mean Value Theorem, indeterminate forms,the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, basic techniques of integration.

  • MATH2202 Differentiation and integration of transcendental functions, methods of integration, indeterminate forms, infinite series. Taylor series. Conic sections.

  • MATH3220 Vector spaces and linear transformations; systems of linear equations, bases, matrix representations of linear transforma- tions, matrix algebra, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, determin- ants, canonical forms, inner product spaces.