The philosophy minor is for students not majoring in philosophy.

Required Courses (6 credits)

  • PHIL1101 Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL1102 Introduction to Philosophy

The remaining 9 credits should be selected from the following courses:

  • PHIL1106 Ideas of Happiness
  • PHIL1107 Dreams and the Imagination
  • PHIL1112 Critical Thinking for College and Life
  • PHIL1114 Philosophy Through Movies
  • PHIL1120 Language and Communication
  • PHIL2005 Nietzsche: Philosopher as Psychologist
  • PHIL2102 Space and Time
  • PHIL2201 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHIL2202 Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL2203 Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHIL2828 Immortality and Reincarnation
  • PHIL3306 The Problem of Evil
  • PHIL1103 Ethics
  • PHIL1119 Legal Issues from a Philosophic Perspective
  • PHIL1440 Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL2008 Ethical Issues in the Movies
  • PHIL2205 Social and Political Philosophy
  • PHIL2207 Philosophy of Religion
  • PHIL2208 Crime and Punishment
  • PHIL2210 What is Radical Politics?
  • PHIL3005 War and Philosophy

Course Descriptions