The 15-credit screenwriting/dramatic writing minor is designed for students interested in studying the art and craft of writing for the screen and/or stage. The rationale for the required courses for this minor is that knowledge of all forms of creative and dramatic writing contribute to each other and are necessary for a student to become a well-rounded writer no matter what the format. The most talented, acclaimed, and successful screenwriters and playwrights often cross genres.

Required Courses (9 Credits)

Electives (6 Credits)
Select two (2) of the following courses:

Course Descriptions

  • COMM3006 This course examines a variety of forms that narrative communication takes (story, myth, report, fairytale, rumor) in different settings (spoken interaction, radio, film, literature, news and entertainment television) and explores the many functions narrative communication serves.

  • CREW2002 Study and practice of writing fiction. The workshop places the focus on student writing. Additional reading provides the context for discussion of craft and form.

  • FILM2250 Students leanr the basics of screenplay structure, character development, dialogue, rising and falling action, conflict and resolution by writing scripts and reading and analyzing successful screenplays. Students complete short scripts that may be used in other classes as shooting assignments.

  • FILM2251 Advanced techniques of writing for motion pictures. Emphasis is placed on writing the feature screenplay. Students look deeper at character flaws and reversal, fine tuning their creative voice and style and the development of a story that is worthy of someone giving up two hours of their life. Students will complete a feature film screenplay. Advanced students also deal with the realities of marketing their work.

  • FILM3303 For those seriously interested in developing as writers for film. Full-length screenplay to be started.

  • FILM3304 This course is a continuation of FILM 3303. Full-lenght screenplay to be completed.

  • THEA3255 In this class students will move past the basics of dramatic structure and workshop longer pieces: full length plays and screenplays. We will also be reading plays and viewing films with a focus on craft and dramaturgy: narrative structure, subtext, and character development. The semester will close with an invited reading of excerpts from the longer works.