Residence Life Services

Television Services

Since Fall 2022, all FDU residential students have access to Streeme IPTV streaming, the most powerful way to watch and record TV on campus. With Streeme IPTV residential students can watch live TV on any device, pause and rewind live TV, and record up to 20 hours of programming.

All residential students automatically receive access to the Streeme IPTV when they are given a housing assignment. This quick start guide will take you through the steps to begin your Streeme IPTV experience!

Before getting started, please make sure that your device is connected to the FDU Network either through Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable in your residence hall room as the Streeme IPTV operates from the FDU SSO platform. [Note: Ethernet cable is a click-in RJ45 jack. The circular coaxial cable once used for cable TV is no longer active.] If you are logging into Streeme IPTV using a Smart TV or a TV with a Roku installed, please follow the steps in this video for additional information.

To get started, please make sure your non-FDU owned device is registered and connected to the FDU network. Additional information on how to do so can be found here

Rokus, firesticks, game console, etc. also need a non-pc device registration. See the PDF files below for more detailed instructions:

Quick Start Guide for Streeme TV Including Smartphone Instructions (PDF)

Streeme IPTV Troubleshooting Guide (PDF)

Internet Access

The University provides each residence hall room with limited data ports to access the local area network (LAN). We continue to build out our wireless (Wi-Fi) network to be the primary method of connectivity in the residence hall. This provides access to the internet and university network resources from the residence halls.

FDU provides limited support for personal devices; for more information or assistance, requests can be made through the FDU Technical Assistance Center (UTAC). For recommendations on technology, please visit

While FDU does not presently provide security software for personal devices, we highly encourage and recommend students:

  • Keep their systems updated with the latest security updates for their OS
  • Have antivirus software installed and kept up to date and regularly scan their systems
  • Adhere to the Acceptable Use Policy

For recommendations on technology, please visit

Here are a few additional helpful tips for you:

  1. For you to log into FDU’s network, you must have a valid FDU NetID account. Once accepted to the University, your NetID is automatically generated. To learn more about how to claim your NetID, go to
  2. Software Catalog – The University offers both licensed and open-source software to all University students. Please visit to learn more about all the software ordered through our catalog and specific requirements needed on your personal computer in order to download and utilize the services.
  3. FDU Anywhere – FDU anywhere offers our students the experience of being in the computer lab while in the comfort of the residence hall rooms. FDU anywhere can be accessed through Simply put in your Net ID and password to get to all the applications found in our computer labs.

For additional helpful tips or general information about IT resources, visit


Washers and dryers are available in the residence halls for resident use at no additional charge. Laundry room facilities are intended for the sole use of current resident students only. No linen service is provided.

Machine malfunctions may be reported via the CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App. Instructions for downloading the CSC ServiceWorks Service Request App and for reporting a machine malfunction are posted in all laundry rooms. Only liquid detergent and pods may be used.


To receive mail while living on campus, please use the below address:

Metro FDU Address
FDU Student Name
Fairleigh Dickinson University
1000 River Rd
Teaneck NJ 07666

Florham FDU Address
FDU Student Name
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Ave
Madison, NJ 07940

Mailroom Location

The student mailroom is located the lower level of the Student Union Building and the main mailroom is located at 1 Woodbridge Ave, Hackensack, NJ on the Metro Campus. The main mailroom is located on the lower level of the Mansion on the Florham Campus.

Mailroom Hours of Operation

Student Mailroom (Metro)

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
2 pm – 4 pm in the Student Mail room

Main Mailroom (Metro and Florham)

Monday – Friday
9 am – 5 pm


For information regarding a package, your mail, or status of a Change of Address Form:

Please contact the FDU Mailroom at (201) 692-2037 for Metro and (973) 443-8196.

Refrigerator and MiniFridge

Approved refrigerator size:
Personal refrigerators permitted in the residence halls are not to exceed 4.4 cubic feet. One (1) refrigerator per student with a maximum of two (2) per room.

To order a MicroFridge unit through our vendor:


Contact the service staff at Campus Specialties directly at: or (800) 525-7307

Only one microwave per room:
Residents are approved to have one (1) microwave per room.

Talking with your roommate:
Since only one unit is permitted per room, prior to arriving on campus on your move-in day, please discuss the following with your roommate:

  • Do either of you already own a microwave?
  • Do you want to share in the cost of renting a MicroFridge unit from the approved vendor?
  • Do you both want to share in the cost of purchasing a microwave?

Cardio Room (Florham Only)

The Twombly Lounge also hosts a 24-Hour Access Cardio Room. The Cardio Room includes Bikes, Ellipticals, Medicine Balls, a Stair Climber, Treadmillls, and Televisions.

Game Room (Florham Only)

The Twombly Game Room is a gaming space where students can come to relax and play various board games, video games, and active games. Some of the amenities include shuffle board, billiards, and air hockey. There is a wide selection of board and card games such as Uno, chess, Battleship, and many more. We also have video games like FIFA17, Madden 17, and NBA 2K17. Students that want to use the video game library must bring their own gaming systems and controllers. (Fairleigh Dickinson University and its employees are not responsible for any personal item brought into the Twombly Game Room!)

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday: 5PM to 12AM
Saturday – Sunday: 12PM to 12AM

How to Utilize the Game Room:

In order to use any of the games or amenities in the game room students must sign out the item with one of the Game Room Assistants by giving in their Student ID during their use of the item.  The ID will be returned when the item is returned. During private events, one representative of the organization or department must give the Game Room Assistant their Student or Employee ID but will not need to sign out each item in use.