Veteran Services

FDU has developed an integrated resource system to deliver services that extend beyond education. Things may have changed since you left for training or active duty. We want to help you navigate your options, assist in reuniting with families and friends, and sort through the expectations and challenges of civilian life that can be quite contrary to your more recent military experiences.

FDU welcomes all veterans and families of veterans, and is ready to assist you with:

  • Simplifying VA educational benefits
  • Evaluating your academic record, and military and educational training
  • Choosing the academic program that best suits your personal and professional goals
  • Providing expert veteran/military health and counseling services for both you and your family
  • Identifying a personalized mode of learning, including traditional classroom and on-line/distance learning options
  • Veterans organizations, special events, fundraisers, and campus life
  • Financial services & resource referrals for non-educational benefits like housing, mortgages, etc.
  • Entrepreneurship Mentoring for students seeking to start their own businesses

A Tradition of Veterans Education

Over the past few years, Fairleigh Dickinson University has reaffirmed itself as a leader in the field of veterans’ education. This tradition dates back to the school’s founding. In recent years, we have been named an educational partner of the New Jersey National Guard (2003). Our Center for Psychological Services has been a provider of mental health services to veterans since 1983 through a contract with the NJ Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. In 2009, FDU renewed its commitment by establishing a Veterans Initiative and becoming one of twenty institutions nationally, and one of only two private institutions, to receive a grant from the WalMart Foundation and the American Council on Education (ACE) to further enhance our programs and services for veterans.