NJ Family Business of the Year

family biz of the year awards

28th Annual New Jersey Family Business of the Year Awards 2020

The most prestigious acknowledgment of the power of family business in the State of New Jersey.

Each year, the Rothman Institute coordinates this annual event with other corporate sponsors to select the finest family businesses in the state. This year, our awards luncheon will take place on Wednesday, October 21, 2020 at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ.

27th Annual Awards Luncheon

The 27th annual awards luncheon was held on Wednesday, October 23, 2019, at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, NJ.

The following companies were honored at the luncheon:

Access Self Storage – Winner, over $10M

Charles E. Green & Son – Winner, up to $10M

ADPP Enterprises – Finalist, over $10M

Lowy’s Moving Service – Finalist, up to $10M

FFP Wealth Management – Semifinalist, over $10M

HC Constructors – Semifinalist, over $10M

American Tree Experts – Semifinalist, up to $10M

Seniors in Place – Semifinalist, up to $10M

Smith Design – Semifinalist, up to $10M

Winner over $10M – Access Self Storage


  • The winners are recognized at an awards luncheon each fall.
  • Winners will be profiled in New Jersey Business magazine, a publication of the New Jersey Business & Industry Association.
  • The winners receive a stunning award commemorating their accomplishment to proudly display in their place of business.

Read what some of our winners have said.

Applicants tell us that the application process was a great way for the family to reflect on their successes and accomplishments.

"It was an honor last year for our business to be considered for this award and I enjoyed the application process because it gave us an opportunity to reflect upon how far we have come over the many years The Train Station has been in operation."
— Sue Shaw, The Train Station, Mountain Lakes, NJ
"Our family was so privileged to be recognized for the values with which we hold so dearly: hard work, innovation, and respect for one another. The award has become a major source of inspiration and confidence building for our younger employees who now have a stronger appreciation for our heritage of craftsmanship."
— William Bauer, Managing Director, ROYCE Leather - New Jersey Family Business of the Year 2016 (Over $10 million)
"One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences in our lives was winning the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award. We are very proud of this award and cherish it deeply. The strong work ethic that my father instilled in my brother and me really paid off; my dad would have been really proud of us and the award. With my son Vincent Jr. now in the business, I know the legacy will continue."
— Vincent Losavio, President, John's Meat Market - New Jersey Family Business of the Year 2006 (Under $10 million)
"The Family Business of the Year Award definitely gave Gateway an opportunity to showcase our talent and expertise within the service industry."
— Lou Dell'Ermo, Founder, Gateway Security Inc. - New Jersey Family Business of the Year 2004 (Over $10 million)
"Our family was proud to be honored with the New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award in 2002. We have been citing this award in our advertising and easel displays in all four of our stores ever since and cannot help but think that it builds confidence in our customers."
— Max Lebersfeld, President, Capitol Lighting - New Jersey Family Business of the Year 2002 (Over $10 million)