Nomination Guidelines

Why Apply?

  • Applicants tell us that the application process was a great way for family to reflect on their successes and accomplishments.
  • Judges are different from year to year. If you don’t make it one year you may make it the next — reapply.
  • If you win: What an honor! Great publicity!


  • NJBIA judge
  • Silberman College of Business  judge
  • Rothman Advisory Board judge
  • Immediate Past Winner Under $10 Million
  • Immediate Past Winner Over $10 Million

The Facilitator

  • Keeps process moving
  • Reviews the guidelines to maintain general year- over- year consistency
  • Impartial, does not vote, does not influence


  • Applications arrive
  • A sponsor receives applications, verifies the businesses are viable.
  • Due diligence interviews are scheduled with each applicant via Zoom
  • The Zoom interview gives the business owner (company representative) the opportunity to share their company’s story.
  • Applications and interviews are copied, put into binders and distributed to judges’
  • Judges also receive a scoring guide designed to help them organize the companies.
  • On a determined day, judges discuss and evaluate all nominees by sales category.


  • Judges are told to evaluate companies based on the application and interview.  No outside knowledge of the company can be brought into the room. Any judge who may have a personal or direct business relationship with an applicant is asked to recuse himself/ herself in consideration of that applicant.
  • They strive to be fair and considerate.
  • Judges often remark at how enjoyable and inspiring the process is.

Award Objective

  • Year-over-year consistency in judging criteria.
  • Thoughtful deliberation by judges; judgments made within guideline criteria
  • Judges differ from year to year.
  • Applicants who do not win are encouraged to apply again.


  • Each company is reviewed and discussed by the judging panel.
  • Pros and cons are discussed.
  • Generally, judges rank the nominees then focus on the companies that rise to the top.
  • There is always collegial vibrant debate and thoughtful consideration.
  • All criteria are reviewed.
  • Judges then collectively rank companies and where there is disagreement, a vote is taken.

Application Content

Briefly describe what compelled you to nominate this company for the NJ Family Business of the Year Award. Was it years of service or one outstanding event that made an impression on you?

Good Luck!

  • Enjoy the process! Be proud of your accomplishments!
  • Enjoy the luncheon!
  • Network with other great family businesses!
  • Join the Family Business Alliance.