Family Business Alliance

Overview of FBA

To provide greater benefits for our members, we have enhanced our influence in the New Jersey family business community with our Friday “Rothman Friday Forum” webinars which deliver topical information to a large number of business owners.  Below is a listing of topics of webinars presented during 2020 and 2021.


Rothman Friday Forum Webinar Series Topics

  • Tax Changes: What Business Owners Need to Know
  • Small Business Formation and Governance
  • Compliance and Pandemic Policy
  • Multigenerational Family Businesses: successful transitions and securing the family legacy
  • Insights from the Winners of the 2021 NJ Family Business of the Year Awards
  • Celebrating Women Entrepreneur Week
  • Planning for Tomorrow Today
  • Entrepreneur Zones: Empowering Communities to Succeed
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: The Importance to Your Business
  • Increase your odds of successfully receiving funding – the NJSBDC can guide you
  • Post Pandemic Business Transitions: Considerations and Opportunities for Owners
  • Post Pandemic Strategies for Entrepreneurs
  • Challenges Faced by Family Businesses
  • Entrepreneur Success Stories: Veteran Innovations in Business
  • Coach Leadership: The only way to lead in a post-pandemic world
  • Let’s Talk About It
  • Small Business Roundtable – Issues Impacting Small Business Owners and their Employees
  • The Power of Matching Culture and Brand
  • The Power of Digital Marketing
  • Putting People First in Business
  • Marketing Hack-a-thon
  • Tax Implications of COVID-19 and the New Administration
  • The Importance of Training to the Bottom Line
  • COVID Vaccines and Related Employment Issues: Preventing and correcting employment issues before they arise
  • The Unexpected Knock at Your Door: Understanding when to exit your business and strategies for growth and finding value in your business in unexpected places
  • Employment Law: Addressing difficult employee issues during COVID-19
  • People, Leadership and Culture
  • How COVID-19 and the election will impact business owners from a tax perspective
  • Business Insights from the Winners of NJ Family Business of the Year
  • The State of the NJ Economy
  • Retirement Planning during the Pandemic
  • Family Business Marketing Strategies
  • Insurance Protection during a Pandemic: All you need to know about family/small business insurance
  • The Impact of the Budget and Politics on Family and Small Businesses
  • Cash Management
  • Important Updates from Al Titone of the Small Business Administration
  • Simple steps to prevent Cybercrime
  • Preparing your company for sale even if you’re not selling
  • Financial Strategies in Tough Times
  • Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
  • Secrets of Small Business Success
  • Legal Issues and COVID-19: As we re-open, what are business owners’ and employees’ legal and moral obligations?
  • Restarting your Business: Insights from SunTrust
  • Innovative Ways to Restart your Business
  • Restarting your Business: Cash Flow, Tax Issues and Financial Modeling
  • Restarting your Business: Get excited about the challenges ahead
  • Stimulus Opportunities for Small Business
  • Ask the Small Business Administration
  • Is your Business Operating at Full Capacity?
  • Legal Issues and the Small Business Stimulus
  • The Challenges of Applying for Small Business Assistance
  • The Effects of the Market on Small Businesses
  • New COVID-19 Legislation Designed to Help Family Businesses Get Back on their Feet
  • Update on COVID-19 Legislation
"Family businesses contribute to the culture and the welfare of the community because they are a deep part of the community. They live in it."
— Family Business Forum member