Previous Family Business Alliance Programs

Succession and Estate Planning

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Dr. Dale Caldwell, Rothman Institute – Moderator
Giovanni Duran, CFP, Managing Partner, IronRidge Wealth Management Group
Michael La Forge, CPA, CGMA, Sobel & Co.
Jordan S. Weitberg, Attorney, Principal, Bressler Amery Ross

Preparing for the Future through Strategic Planning and Cyber Security

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
Panel 1 – “The Importance of Strategic Planning”
Dr. Dale Caldwell, Executive Director, Rothman Institute – Moderator
Jeff Dickinson, Force Financial Group
Kevin Bodnar, Peapack Gladstone Bank
Andrew Frazier, A&J Management

Panel 2 – “Technology – Staying Modern, Staying Safe”
Bellaria Jimenez, President, Mass Mutual Tri State
Christian Betlyon, Mass Mutual Tri State
John Kowal, Peapack-Gladstone Bank
William Walbroel, Couch Braunsdorf
Eric Wistrand, Couch Braunsdorf

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Dr. Dale Caldwell, Executive Director, Rothman Institute – Moderator
Sarah Krom, Managing Partner, SKC & Co., CPA’s LLC
Marian Janes, Ignite Growth Coaching
Rick Sawyer, Talent Management and Organizational Effectiveness Executive, L&D Consulting

Succession and Conflict

Wednesday, March 6, 2019
Dr. Dale Caldwell, Executive Director, Rothman Institute – Moderator
Sarah Krom, Managing   Partner, SKC & Co., CPA’s LLC
Jim Hunt, Chairman of the Litigation Department, Tenaglia & Hunt
Mark J. Speckhart, ZCS Company

The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Thursday, February 7, 2019
Presenter: Dr. Dale Caldwell, Executive Director, Rothman Institute

Conflict Resolution for Family Businesses

Tuesday, December 4, 2018
Michele Hart, Attorney at Law

Family Governance, Family Meetings

Wednesday, November 7, 2018
Brian Singleton, Director of Advanced Markets & Brokerage Services, Mass Mutual Tri State

Workplace Culture

Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Ethan Chazin, Organizational Trainer and Business Coach, The Chazin Group

Navigating Tax and Legislative Changes while Transferring Family Wealth

Thursday, September 6, 2018
Jeremiah Doyle, Senior Vice President, BNY Mellon Wealth Management

Content Marketing

Tuesday, May 15, 2018
Presenter: Susana Fonticoba, Right Click Advantage

Decision Making and Leadership

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Presenter: Ed Ahart, Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP

Data Protection and Small Business: a conversation on GDPR and protecting your data

Tuesday, March 27, 2018
Valerie Huttle, Assemblywoman (D), NJ 37th Legislative District – Keynote speaker
David Weiss, Esq., Founding Director, Institute for Dispute Resolution, NJCU – Moderator
Laszlo Molnar, Associate Professor, Department of Professional Security Studies, NJCU
Kenneth Rashbaum, Partner, Barton, LLP
Rufiya Blank, VP, New Business Development, Kompass North America
Lena Licata, Director, Consulting Services, Eisner Amper

Succession Planning

Thursday, February 8, 2018
John Dowd, VP, Financial Advisor, AllianceBernstein (italicize affiliations)

Simplifying the Workplace: How to Run a Company Effectively and Efficiently

Thursday, December 7, 2017
Presenter: Bill Jensen, CEO, The Jensen Group

Millennial Retention for the Family Business

Thursday, November 2, 2017, 8 AM to 10:30 AM
Presenter: Bryan Kuderna, Certified Financial Planner, Kuderna Financial Team

Becoming a Disruptive Competitor

Thursday, September 28, 2017
Presenter: Doug Berger, Managing Director, INNOVATE LLC.

Social Media Tech Testing Workshop

Thursday, December 10, 2015
Presenter: Deirdre Breakenridge, CEO, Pure Performance Communications
The Tech Testing seminar was a hands-on workshop for family business owners and employees to uncover and test some of the most relevant and relied upon technology used by social media experts

Law and Order in the Family Business

Thursday, November 5, 2015
Presenter: Edward Ahart, Partner, Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP
This interactive session, featuring Ed Ahart, an attorney highly experienced in family business
issues, confronted chaotic family business incidents and identify common-sense legal steps that
could have been taken to avoid them.

Navigating Work and Family as Employers and Parents

Thursday, September 24, 2015
Presenter: Dr. Scott Behson
Scott Behson, PhD, is a professor of management at Fairleigh Dickinson University, a national expert in work and family  issues, and was a featured speaker at the recent White House Summit on Working Families

Cyber Security: Information Any Business Owner Should Know

Wednesday, December 5, 2012
All of us are at risk of data and identity theft due to the 300% increase in cyber-attacks resulting in companies have being driven out of business. This session explored why this is happening, who the perpetrators are, and what you can do to protect yourself.

Expert Insights: Going Global: What You Must Know to have a Successful Global Business

Wednesday, October 24, 2012
Presenters: Forum sponsor firms
During this interactive session, representatives of our Forum Sponsor organizations provided vital information which will give family business owners the information they need to successfully launch a presence in the global marketplace.

Make Change Your Family Business Tradition

Thursday, September 13, 2012
Most family businesses were birthed from its founder’s inventive or innovative ideas about some product or service. Over time this product or service idea may grow into a whole line of offerings, a dominant market share, and a whole new business category. Then what?  How a family continuously refresh and diversify its business and how businesses create and support positive innovation were two topics presented at this Forum.

Expert Insights: Building an Effective Board of Directors/Navigating Wealth through Economic Turbulence

Thursday, May 31, 2012
Presenters: Forum sponsor firms
Insights and advice were provided on the knowledge family businesses need to manage an effective and productive Board while protecting their interests in this increasingly volatile economic climate.

Keeping Family Values Alive Across Generations

Thursday, April 5, 2012
Presenter: Katie Dreghon-Linden, of Relative Solutions, Inc
This workshop examined ways to develop family values and common missteps to avoid.

Creating Harmony in Your Family Business

Tuesday, February 20, 2012
Presenter: Jeanne Weikert, New Life Institute
Conflicts in values, blurring of boundaries, and issues of control creating conditions that disrupt the potential harmony in a family business were discussed.

Family Business Forum Holiday Party

December 1, 2004
Tis festive, year-end social gathering of Forum members, their families and University representatives was a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Getting from Point A to Point B: Here’s what the Experts Think

November 11, 2004
Featured Speakers: Professionals from our Sponsor Companies
This workshop identified issues that should be considered in the growth of all family businesses. Members asked questions of and receive guidance from the panelists in the areas of finance, law, tax and estate planning.

The Founder’s Dilemma: Transitioning Ownership and Management to the Next Generation

September 23, 2004
Presenter: Kurt Hochfeld, CPA
Attendees explored a broad range of issues confronting families and management as ownership
is transferred to the next generation, and learned important steps that every family-owned
business should take to ensure a successful transition.

Defining Corporate Culture for Competitive Advantage

May 20, 2004
Presenter: Barbara Gannon, Sargento Foods
Attendees learned how a defined corporate culture can infuse enthusiasm and create a unique
loyalty to your company and to each other.

Conflict Resolution within a Family Business System

April 8, 2004
Presenter: Ellen Frankenberg, Ph.D.
Attendees learned the skills necessary to assess the “Conflict IQ” within their family business groups, and discussed important skills including how to manage consensus building skills through practical, negotiated agreements.

A Management Playbook for Family Business Clinic

March 18, 2004
Presenter: John Cioffi
A follow-up to the highly rated session conducted on September 18, 2003, this workshop offered participants the opportunity to apply Team Problem Solving to real-time problems and effective methods to develop solutions to their own problems.

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

February 12, 2004
Presenter: Jane Sullivan, Ph.D.
This seminar examined social-emotional behaviors, or “soft skills. Attendees learned the main concepts and measurable competencies of Emotional Intelligence and were given an Emotional Intelligence Inventory listing behaviors that can contribute to their businesses’ success or failure.

Family Business Forum Holiday Cocktail Party

December 10, 2003
This festive, year-end social gathering of Forum members, their families and University officials was a time to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Using Inquiry and Storytelling to Optimize Your Company’s Strategy

November 13
Presenter: T. Waldmann-Williams, Ph.D.
Using an experiential approach, attendees learned methods for team building, identifying individual competencies, strategic thinking, and inquiry to recognize and release that potential.

Business Killers

October 23, 2003
Presenters: Forum Sponsors
Presented by Forum’s own sponsor organizations, this workshop identified six critical issues that should be considered to protect the business and the family’s financial future using a combination of video dramatization of typical situations  Attendees evaluated their business killers’ risks and were given solid recommendations for ways to guard their family business in the future.

A Management Playbook for Family Business

September 18, 2003
Presenter: John Cioffi
Attendees examined team characteristics and stages of formation to maximize effectiveness. Using a workshop format, participants form teams and were “coached” through the application of team problem solving principles. They learned how to address obstacles and increase performance through leadership direction, communication, interpersonal skills and conflict management.

Crash-Proofing Your Business

May 8, 2003
Presenter:  Ethné Swartz, Ph.D
This session dealt with how your business can best undertake continuity planning and ensure you are prepared to survive a calamity. Dr. Swartz presented a simple framework for understanding the issue of preparedness which members can use as the basis of a simple continuity action plan.

Keeping Everyone Involved . . .and Informed

March 13, 2003
Presenter: Phil Clemens
What are the different roles in your family business and why  is it critical to keep everyone involved and aware of who’s who and who’s what?  Phil Clemens facilitates this dialogue on the key to keeping people involved. Should you keep spouses and children informed or involved?  Why are the most dangerous shareholders those who are kept involved when they don’t want to be involved?  How do you handle a case of jealousy? What do you do with family members who want to get involved in the business when they have no business getting involved and how do you “un” involve someone?  Tackle these issues and share helpful tips.

Get On My Case: Participatory exercises in entrepreneurial skills and challenges within the Family Business

January 30, 2003
Featured Speaker: Leonard Green
Entrepreneurship and successful family businesses go hand in hand. This challenging session was patterned after Leonard Green’s award winning course and his personal experiences in working with his three children in seven family businesses.

Intra-/Intergenerational Issues Dialogue

November 7 , 2002
Facilitators: Leo J. Rogers, Jr. and Dr. Tom Kaplan

Back by popular demand, this session presented an opportunity to share and exchange points of view on issues that have surfaced in peer groups over the past year. Owners/founders learned what’s on the minds of the successor generations, and vice versa, in a constructive environment. Issues put forth for discussion retained the confidentiality and integrity of the peer groups but will foster open communications.

Family Values and Inherited Wealth: Preparing the Next Generation

September 12, 2002 
Presenter: Sharon P. Krone
The infusion of positive family values into a professionally managed business is the most powerful medium for multi-generational success. This presentation focused on making family values explicit in the family and the business through managerial and family processes. Sharon Krone also shared her insights and experiences in preparing family members to inherit family wealth.

How to Develop Your Family Business Policy Guide

June 13, 2002 
Speaker: Dr. Christopher J. Eckrich
How you prepare for future problems and concerns that arise in every family business was discussed. This presentation included such topics as creating an environment conducive to making effective decisions; identifying areas in which policies are essential; deciding what processes will be used and in the best interests of the family and the business.

Mothers in the Family Business

May 9, 2002

Facilitator:  Dr. Jane Sullivan and a Panel of Mothers from Forum Member Firms
Dr. Jane Sullivan lead a discussion of the various expectations placed on mothers and potentially conflicting demands in fulfilling the roles of wife, mother, business professional and being an individual.

Leadership at Work and at Home

March 21, 2002 
Presenter: Dr. Neil N. Koenig

The presenter stated that there is no difference between leadership at home and leadership at work when it comes down to the basic human hunger for leadership. Who the leaders of your family are and are those in leadership positions in your family’s business clear about their most important responsibilities were topics explored.

Tax Tips for your Family Business

February 7, 2002 
Presenter: Dave Ludgin, Don Scotto

In the midst of tax season, attendees found out how your business can maximize your tax liability. Experts from our Family Business Forum sponsors’ organization facilitated the discussion. Legal aspects and financial ramifications were discussed.

Succession Planning Workshop

January 17, 2002 
Presenter: Paul Karofsky

Succession in the family business is the responsibility of both generations, and it is never too early to prepare for it. Paul Karofsky lead the group through a Leadership Succession workshop in which members can apply general guidelines to their situations.

Performance Evaluation and Compensation

November 8, 2001
Presenters: Paul Dorf and Forum Sponsors
This session covered such topics as attracting and retaining good employees, the hidden cost of turnover, measuring performance and arriving at proper compensation packages. This session also dealt with family-member compensation practices.

Succession Planning Workshop

September 13, 2001
Presenter: Paul Karofsky
it is never too early to prepare for succession planning. Paul Karofsky lead us through a Leadership Succession workshop in which members applied general guidelines to their situations. This session concluded with a panel discussion of professionals on issues involving ownership succession.

Second Generation Meetings- A Testimonial

June 13, 2001
Presenters: John J. Sekora and Family
John Sekora formed the Artisan Administration Committee (ACC), to help make a smooth transition from one family generation to the next. For the past two years, family members who work at Artisan Tile & Marble Company of New Jersey, Inc. met weekly or biweekly during business hours at the office.  Attendees of this workshop heard a first-hand testimonial about the ACC by members of the Sekora family.

Intra-/Intergenerational Issues Dialogue

May 3, 2001
Facilitators: Leo J. Rogers, Jr. and Dr. Tom Kaplan
Back by popular demand, this session presented an opportunity to share and exchange points of view on issues that have surfaced in peer groups over the past year. Owners/founders learned what’s on the minds of the successor generations, and vice versa, in a constructive environment. Issues put forth for discussion retained the confidentiality and integrity of the peer groups but fostered open communications.

Bonus Session: E-Business for the Family Business

April 12, 2001
Presenters: Martin Brown, PWC; William J. Heller, Esq., McCarter& English
E-Business offers the potential opportunities and threats for your company and market. This session helped attendees evaluate how e-business can benefit their family businesses.

How to Make Your Family Business a Great Place to Work

March 22, 2001
Featured Speaker: Amy Schuman

Using an outstanding fourth-generation family business as a model,  Amy Schuman spoke of the characteristics of great workplaces. She will helped the attendees understand the financial and business results of “Positive People Practices”, and provided a road map and tools to develop a simple action plan their businesses can use to become great workplaces.

Bonus Session: The Value of Mentoring and Networking for the Younger Generation in the Family Business

March 8, 2001
Presenter: Eric Monsen, VP Monsen Engineering
This session was a combined meeting of successor generation peer groups. All younger generation members were welcomed to attend.

The Extended Family

February 1, 2001
Presenter: Dr. Jane Sullivan
Dr. Sullivan lead a discussion about spouses and extended families playing a very active role in family businesses and how family members are affected by these business relationships which can become complicated.

November 2, 2000

Presenter: Dr. Fredda Herz Brown, managing partner and senior consultant with The Metropolitan Group.

Dr. Herz, who heads up a family business consulting company in Leonia, assisted Forum members in thinking about what is needed to give in order to get what is wanted from work and family relationships.

September 14, 2000

Presenter: Dr. Tom Kaplan, assistant professor of Entrepreneurial Studies at FDU’s Rothman Institute and faculty advisor to the Family Business Forum.

Dr. Kaplan explored how to prevent some of the most common and significant family business crises. The Family Business survey indicated a trend toward leadership by sibling or cousin partnerships, or teams of family and non-family executives. The workplace is changing and so is the nature of working relationships.

June 15, 2000

Presenter: Dr. Bonnie Brown, president of Transition Dynamics, Inc. Eugene, Oregon.

Dr. Brown helped Forum members identify and build skills and competencies to match the changing environment  and how it affects fundamental working relationships. The marriage of family and business can create a powerful force, yet many families in business find themselves in crisis over issues of performance, fairness, love or money.

May 4, 2000

Presenter: Deborah Lubar of Lincoln, VT.

Deborah Lubar of Lincoln, Vermont, will address the importance of human resources with an emphasis on interpersonal skills, especially the importance of listening.  Ms. Lubar mixed lecture, discussion and active audience participation geared toward the real message within and  beneath the words being spoken. Family businesses were taught to be aware of changing life cycles in their families and in their businesses.

March 9, 2000

Presenter: Charles Levin founder and president of Pathfinder Consulting Group LLC.

His firm specializing in developing business on the internet, Mr. Levin presented an overview of the dramatic growth and development of the web and e-commerce, and provided a tour of some successful e-commerce sites. Two Forum member companies, L.P. Music and Widmer Time Recorder, who are involved in e-commerce initiatives, provided case studies. Discussions centered around web site addresses, questions and ideas for own e-commerce projects.

January 27, 2000

Presenter: Dr. Nancy Upton,  author of Transferring Family Business Management and holder of the Ben Williams Chair in Entrepreneurship, Baylor University

Dr. Upton addressed the competitive environment in the next decade, and the concern families have about achieving consensus on values and missions as well as competition involving the use of technology.