Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Physics

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"A fact acquires its true and full value only through the idea which is developed from it."
— Justus Von Liebig

The department offers ACS-certified B.S. in Chemistry degree in addition to the M.S. in Chemistry. Also available are several concentrations at the undergraduate and graduate levels in addition to undergraduate minor programs.

Our department is extremely well-equipped with modern instruments including 300 MHz NMR, liquid chromatography, GC-MS, high resolution FTIR, and Raman equipment.

The B.S. in Chemistry program is the primary degree for entry into the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and also for graduate programs in chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, bio-medical engineering, and many other areas. This degree program is especially suitable for potential applicants to professional schools in medicine, pharmacy, and veterinary medicine. Pre-med students usually take the MCAT exam in their junior years after completing organic chemistry.

The M.S. programs are designed for working chemists in local industries who want to extend their knowledge in modern chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry.

The Program in depth

The major in chemistry program is particularly well suited to premedical students. Entrance requirements for most medical schools require an undergraduate program to include a general course in biology, general physics, English composition, modern language, and some calculus, in addition to a strong chemistry background. Premedical students should add to the Bachelor of Science with a major in chemistry program two semesters of general biology (botany and zoology) and, perhaps, one advanced biology course as electives. Pre Professional counseling for science and health careers is available on campus.

American Chemical Society Certification

Since 1977. Certification by the American Chemical Society provides national-level recognition that the Department has undergone in-depth scrutiny of its faculty, course offerings, equipment, and library holdings in addition to periodic reviews every five years. The ACS certifies that our Chemistry graduates in the B.S. program have studied a rigorous academic program suitable for entry to graduate school or an industrial position.

Sigma Eta chapter
Chemistry Honor Society
  • Chemistry students in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry established a local Chemistry Honor Society in the Spring of 2012. On February 22, 2013, a formal ceremony was held to officially install our Sigma Eta chapter of the national Gamma Sigma Epsilon Chemistry Honor Society and to induct new members. 

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James Dougherty, Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics
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Mohammed R. Elshaer, Associate Professor and Deputy Chair