The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences

The Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences (JPBS) is a peer-reviewed undergraduate research periodical published by the School of Psychology and Counseling of Fairleigh Dickinson University at the Florham Campus. JPBS offers undergraduate students, as well as graduate students and faculty, an opportunity to publish in a recognized academic journal. (Note: the undergraduate student, and not faculty members or graduate students, must be the first author of any accepted submission.)

JPBS takes pride in soliciting manuscripts from undergraduate students who recognize the value of publishing as an indicator of academic preparation. The mission of JPBS is to acknowledge the student-mentor relationship leading to publication. Articles in ANY topical area of psychology are considered including, but not limited to:

Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Health Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Learning and Memory, Personality Psychology, Psychology of Gender, Psychology of Substance Abuse, Psychopharmacology, Social Psychology, and Sport Psychology.

Publication Policy and Submission Instructions:

  • Manuscripts must be submitted to the faculty editor, Dr. Danielle DeNigris, via email: (Note: We do not require a submission fee.)
  • JPBS requests the use of Microsoft Word.
  • Please send only high quality original articles. Do not send articles that have been accepted for publication, or have been published, in whole or part, elsewhere.
  • All manuscripts MUST be formatted in strict accordance with rules of the American Psychological Association Publication Manual (7th or latest edition). Manuscripts not adhering to this criterion will be returned without review.
  • There is no set page limit; however, we do not accept brief reports nor theses.
  • Use of humans as participants must be accompanied by a written statement that all guidelines of the APA regarding informed consent and ethical treatment of participants were followed in a cover letter. The use of deceit in an experiment must be justified.
  • Use of non-human subjects must be accompanied by a written statement that all subjects were maintained and treated according to the APA guidelines for Care and Use. In addition, a written statement from the institution’s Internal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) or Institutional Review Board (IRB) must be submitted attesting to the review and approval of experiments reported.
  • For undergraduate submissions without a faculty co-author, the student MUST include a sponsoring statement from their faculty advisor to assure the quality of work and that all APA ethical considerations have been followed. The sponsor statement can take the form of an email sent directly from the faculty member from their academic email account or the student author may attach a PDF along with the manuscript submission that is on official departmental letterhead and containing the electronic signature of the faculty sponsor.
  • For undergraduate submissions with a faculty co-author, the faculty member must be CC’ed on the submission email using their academic email account.

Review and Revision of Manuscripts:

  • Reviews are conducted by the faculty and graduate students of the School of Psychology and Counseling.
  • For a manuscript that requires revisions, it is the sole responsibility of the author(s) to make the specified changes and resubmit it to JPBS in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in delays in publishing.
  • Resubmissions must be clean of tracked-changes/comments and be accompanied by a letter to the editor indicating the revisions that were made.
  • Note: Manuscripts may undergo more than one round of revisions prior to final acceptance or rejection.

Upon Acceptance of Final Manuscript:

  • Authors will be notified of the volume and date of publication and copyedit process. At this time, author(s) may list the manuscript on their resume as “in press”.
  • Transference of Copyright of ownership to JPBS must be signed by the author(s) and returned to our office prior to publication. Refusal to transfer Copyright is considered sufficient reason to reject a manuscript following positive review.
  • An electronic copy of JPBS will be emailed to the first author to share with co-authors. One free hardcopy of JPBS will be mailed to the first author. Additional hardcopies can be ordered (see instructions below).

Ordering Instructions

The current volume of JPBS can be purchased at the FDU Bookstore on the Florham Campus. 

If you have any problems completing your order please contact the Florham bookstore at (973)-514-1644 or by email (

Contact Information

Dr. Danielle DeNigris, Faculty Editor of JPBS

(973) 443-8389