Faculty and Staff of Psychology and Counseling

All full-time faculty members have a Ph.D. or Ed.D. in clinical, school or another area of psychology. In addition to teaching, faculty members are actively involved in research and professional and community service. Numerous opportunities exist for student participation in faculty research and service.

Florham Campus

Donalee Brown

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, LP

Associate professor of psychology, earned her Ph.D. from Seton Hall University. Her areas of specialization are counseling, trauma work and forensic psychology.

Her research interests include efficacious treatments for adult female incest survivors, clinical applications of attachments, and behavioral finance/investment behaviors.




Daniel Calcagnetti


Associate professor of psychology, earned his Ph.D. from Temple University. His area of specialization is behavioral neuroscience.

His research interests are in behavioral neuroscience and psychopharmacology.




Thomas Conklin

Clinical Mental Health Counseling; Director, Clinical Mental Health Counseling Masters Program

Instructor in counseling, doctoral candidate at Montclair State University. His areas of specialization are addictions counseling and counseling offenders.

His research interests include attachment theory and addictions, social and emotional learning, and multicultural counseling education.




Danielle DeNigris

Developmental Psychology

Assistant professor of psychology, earned her Ph.D. from The Graduate Center, The City University of New York. Her area of specialization is developmental psychology.

Her research interests broadly include the development of temporal cognition, episodic memory/foresight, theory of mind, and identity among children and adults with and without autism spectrum disorders. Dr. DeNigris is editor of the Journal of Psychology and the Behavioral Sciences.




Robert Griffo

Experimental Social Psychology; Director – Industrial/Organizational Psychology program

Assistant professor of psychology, earned his Ph.D. from Northeastern University. His area of specialization is experimental social psychology.

His research interests include personality assessment, accuracy and bias in self-evaluation, and self-concept and social identity. Dr. Griffo is editor of the Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.




Madonna Saganda

Clinical Mental Health Counseling, LAC; Director, COMPASS-Florham Program, Practicum and Internship Coordinator

Director of the COMPASS program on the Florham campus and Practicum and Internship Coordinator in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program, she earned her M.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University and M.A. in Experimental Psychology from St. John’s University.

Her research interests include ASD in young adults: transitioning from high school to college, enhancing academic and social supports, and adult-age bullying.




Paul Strauss

Organizational Behavior/Leadership; Professor Emeritus

Dr. Strauss has a M.A. in Industrial Psychology and a Ph.D. in Human Development from New York University. Dr. Strauss is the Director of the department’s Applied Leadership Programs, and the Psychology and Counseling Resource Center. His research interests include customer service training, and behavioral change theory-coaching and mentoring. Dr. Strauss is a New Jersey Licensed Psychologist.




Anthony Tasso

Department Chair

Professor of psychology, earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee. His areas of specializations are counseling and clinical psychology. His research interests include domestic violence, hypnosis and suggestibility, and health psychology.




Alwin Wagener

Alwin E. Wagener, Ph.D., NCC is an Assistant Professor of Counseling. He holds a doctorate in Counseling and Counselor Education from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His research interests include the role of dreams and nightmares in trauma, the uses of dreams, nightmares, and metaphors in counseling treatment, and creative approaches to counseling supervision.

Diane Keyser Wentworth

Professor of psychology, she holds a PhD. from Wayne State University. Her area of specialization is industrial/organizational psychology.

Her research interests include organizational effectiveness, factors affecting work accessibility, female career development issues, and work-life balance.



Metro Campus

Stephen R. Armeli, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
University of Delaware, 1998
Areas of Interest: Social, Personality, and Health Psychology; Statistics.
Research Projects: Motivational models of alcohol use/substance use. Application of micro-longitudinal research methods in understanding the stress and coping process and health-related behavior (e.g., alcohol use).
Email: armeli@fdu.edu
Phone: 2309
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Andrew R. Eisen, Ph.D.
State University of New York at Albany, 1992
Theoretical Orientation: Cognitive-Behavioral.
Practice Specialties: Child Behavior Disorders; Child Anxiety Disorders; School Refusal Behavior.
Research Projects: Prescriptive Treatment of Childhood Anxiety Disorders; Role of Family Variables in the Etiology and Maintenance of Child Anxiety; Dimensional and Categorical Classification Models; Parent Training Strategies.
Email: eisen@fdu.edu
Phone: 2593
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Benjamin D. Freer, Ph.D.
University of Kentucky, 2011
Areas of Interest: Theoretical Perspective: Interdisciplinary; Experimental-Cognitive Development; Developmental Psychopathology; Cognitive Neuroscience.
Research Projects: Higher Order Cognition: Disentangling the Role of Attention in Working Memory; Veterans and Trauma: Effects of Trauma Exposure on Cognition and Family-Processes; The Transition of Veterans: Military Duty to Civilian Life; Adult ADHD/LD: Behavioral and Cognitive Correlates of Functioning; Relationship between Environmental and Social Context on Developmental Pathways in Childhood; Construction of Personal Narratives in Response to Trauma.
Email: bfreer@fdu.edu
Phone: 2308
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Meaghan Curran Guiney, Ph.D., NCSP
Fordham University, 2010
Theoretical Orientation: Eclectic
Areas of Interest: School-Based Consultation, Supervision of School Psychologists, Crisis Response, Childhood Emotional, and Behavioral Disorders; Legal and Ethical Issues in School Psychology.
Research Projects: Development of Consultation Self-Efficacy; Analysis of Language in School-Based Consultation
Email: mguiney@fdu.edu
Phone: 2310
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Juliana Rasic Lachenmeyer, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
Columbia University, 1976
Theoretical Orientation: Cognitive-Behavioral.
Practice Specialties: Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment of Eating, Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders; Behavioral Medicine (e.g., Failure to Thrive, Seizure Disorders); Parenting.
Research Projects: Medical Compliance; Behavioral Pediatrics; Eating Disorders; Failure to Thrive; Assessment and Treatment Outcomes in Obsessive-Compulsive and Panic Disorders.
Email: jrlphd@aol.com
Phone: 2719
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Robert McGrath, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
Auburn University, 1984
Theoretical Orientation: Eclectic/Psychodynamic.
Practice Specialties:  Individual adults; Personality assessment
Research Projects: Measurement and methodology; Positive psychology with an emphasis on the concept of character
Email: robert_mcgrath@fdu.edu
Phone: 2464
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Eleanor McGlinchey, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
University of California, Berkeley, 2013
Theoretical Orientation: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Interpersonal Psychotherapy; Behavioral Sleep Medicine
Practice Specialties:  Sleep Disorders; Depression; Adolescent Mood and Anxiety Disorders
Research Projects: Development of psychosocial treatments for childhood and adolescent mood disorders; Sleep disturbance and circadian rhythm dysfunction as precipitating and maintaining mechanisms in mood and anxiety disorders; Identification of biological markers of treatment response.
Email: elm@fdu.edu
Phone: 2430
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Erika Oak, Psy.D.
Fairleigh Dickinson University, 2012
Theoretical Orientation: Psychoeducational/Eclectic
Research Projects: Errors on cognitive assessment; Cross-battery assessment
Practice Specialties:  Psychoeducational Assessment; Child and Adolescent Behavior Disorders; Childhood Developmental Disabilities; School-Based Mental Health; Parent Training
Email: eoak@fdu.edu
Phone: 2455
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Dr. Derek Phillips
Director, M.S. Program in Clinical Psychopharmacology
School of Psychology
Administrative Assistant: (201) 692-2301
Direct: (773) 899-4745
Email: dphillips@fdu.edu


David L. Pogge, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
University of New Mexico, 1986
Practice Specialties:  Diagnostic Assessment; Neuropsychological Assessment; Assessment and Treatment of Sex Offenders and Paraphilic Disorders; Forensic Assessment.
Research Projects: Standardization and validation of performance-based measures of attention; validity studies of personality and diagnostic tests for adolescents and children; identification of neuropsychological and psychometric predictors of differential treatment response and outcome for psychiatric patients; evaluation of the management of violent and aggressive behavior by psychiatric inpatients.
Email: dlpogge@aol.com
Phone: 2300
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Robert Prentky, Ph.D.
Northwestern University 1975
Areas of Interest: Assessing risk of dangerousness in juveniles; pre-adolescent / adolescent boys and girls with sexually inappropriate behaviors – precursor and concurrent life events; attachment disorders and other adverse life events and proximal clinical features of psychopathy in juveniles.
Practice Specialties:  Risk assessment and evaluation of criminal offenders.
Research Projects: Sexual assault on college campuses; developing a new RNR-type model for managing juvenile sex offenders; caregiver / placement instability in abuse-reactive children with sexually inappropriate behaviors; child cyber pornography.
Email: rprentky@fdu.edu
Phone: 2649
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Linda M. Raffaele Mendez, Ph.D.
The University of Texas at Austin, 1993
Theoretical Orientation: Cognitive-Behavioral, Ecological
Practice Specialties:  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with Children and Adolescents; Trauma-Informed Prevention and Intervention in Schools, Promoting Wellness Among Families Raising Children with Special Needs
Research Projects:Training teachers in high needs schools in trauma-informed care; longitudinal changes in mental health among unaccompanied homeless youth receiving wraparound community-based services; co parenting in families raising children with behavioral challenges; tiered approaches to school-based mental health.
Email: raffaelemend@fdu.edu
Phone: 2445
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Lana A. Tiersky, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
California School of Professional Psychology-Los Angeles, 1995
Theoretical Orientation: Psychodynamic.
Practice Specialties:  Psychoanalysis; Neuropsychological Evaluation and Cognitive Rehabilitation.
Areas of Specialty: Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI); Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS); Psychosomatic Illness.
Research Projects: Assessing disability, Character Functioning, Psychiatric Status and Neuropsychological Functioning in Adults with ADHD/LD; Examining the components of effective therapeutic neuropsychological assessment; and understanding the character profile of adults with cognitive complaints.
Email: tiersky@fdu.edu
Phone: 2305
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Stefanie Ulrich, Ph.D. [Ph.D. program core faculty]
Fordham University 1996
Theoretical Orientation: Psychodynamic/Integrative
Practice Specialties:  Depression, grief and loss; cultural issues in diagnosis and treatment; trauma, PTSD, and veterans services; women’s issues; acute care; adults and adolescents.
Research Interests: Therapy and supervisory processes; veterans and trauma, Asperger’s and college, women and leadership; attachment; program evaluation; gender and cultural issues in psychotherapy.
Email: sulrich@fdu.edu
Phone: 2445
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Kathleen Viezel, Ph.D., NCSP
Ball State University, 2007
Theoretical Perspective: Cognitive-Behavioral
Practice Specialties:  Psychoeducational assessment; Psychological assessment; Parent training; Child and adolescent therapy; Young adults with autism
Research Projects: Developmental and psychological effects of child maltreatment; Profiles and effective interventions for college students with autism; Issues in child assessment
Email: kmdavis@fdu.edu
Phone: 2302
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Georgia Winters, Ph.D.
John Jay College, 2018
Theoretical Orientation: Cognitive-behavioral 
Practice Specialties:  Forensic evaluation
Research Interests: Sexual violence prevention; sexual grooming behaviors of child sexual abusers; deviant sexual interests 
Email: gwinters@fdu.edu
Phone: 2303
Mailstop: T-WH1-01


Jamie Zibulsky, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley 2009
Theoretical Orientation: Developmental; Eclectic
Practice Specialties:  School-based prevention and intervention programs; Psychoeducational assessment; Educational consultation
Research Interests: Early literacy development; Early social-emotional development; Teacher knowledge and professional development
Email: Jamie_Zibulsky@fdu.edu
Phone: 2811
Mailstop: T-WH1-01