University Provost’s Intramural Grant Program

Provost Intramural Grant Program

An announcement for the University Provost Intramural Grant Program is an annual competition announced each year in early December with a standard deadline date of February 15th and a project period of July 1st through June 30th.

See preliminary Program Guidelines and FAQs for important detailed information about the program.  Please note that guidelines are subject to change each year.

Intramural Grant Program Summary

The University Provost (UP) Intramural Grant Program is an annual competition for tenured and tenure-track faculty that seeks to advance the University’s core principles through the development of ongoing, new, and cross-disciplinary initiatives that contribute to professional growth, collaborative models and educational excellence. Each year, in December, the UP publishes an annual funding announcement offering intramural support under two programs, namely, Seed and Collaborative Grant Programs with the intent of cultivating faculty research with potential for competitively securing extramural support.  

UP Intramural grant recipients are asked to advance their research independence beyond the intramural grant support by planning and preparing a full-scale extramural proposal to a nationally-recognized sponsor; work with an external mentor specific to the Seed mechanism; subsequently evaluate the sponsor’s critique and, if not initially funded, prepare a revised application for the next available submission cycle. Successful applicants will be funded over a 12-month period (July – June), but should anticipate that the process for seeking extramural funding will extend beyond the funded project period.

UP Intramural Grant Application

There is a new online Intramural Submission Portal that must be used for your initial submission, and if funded, for life-cycle management of your award, e.g., progress reporting, etc.  Once in the portal, select and review the instructions for preparing your application before you get started, then click on “Intramural Grants,” “New Intramural Grants Form” and then choose your School/Department to begin.  This is both a data and document repository for your proposal. You may partially complete the data entry, save at the bottom of the form, and resume entry at a future time using the same above link. Please note that you should NOT upload any attachments until you are ready to finalize your application, and SAVE ad SUBMIT. 

Contact Information
Melody Bobe-Galeano