"My FDU experience infused my entire outlook, professionally and personally. It really was life changing for me."
— John Mitchell

John Mitchell is a man committed to making a difference in the world around him — and he believes education has played a key role in helping him do so.

“My college education opened unexpected doors for me,” says John, a respected and tireless community leader. He is also a retired vice president from Consolidated Edison Solutions and a former Bergen County freeholder.

Early in his career, John started taking night classes but dropped out as his family and professional responsibilities grew.

After a friend convinced him return to college to pursue his degree, “I did some research and asked around for recommendations. FDU has a great reputation and generous transfer policies,” says John, who enrolled in FDU’s Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies program with a concentration in business.

“But as someone who really understands and values customer service, that was the deciding factor for me. It’s something FDU delivers. People take time with you; it’s personal here. The support is outstanding.”

John earned two promotions at Con Edison Solutions while working on his bachelor’s degree — both of which he credits to his FDU experience.

“You can’t do anything great by yourself,” says John. “I was dealing with financial, engineering and legal professionals all the time in my job. Through my studies at FDU, I developed the leadership skills to draw out the best in the experts around me.”

John says coming back to college late in his career also gave him a new appreciation for the learning process.

“There’s definitely a maturity that comes with age. When I was younger, I didn’t have the insight or the confidence to ask questions and really engage in the learning process. Today, I ask questions all the time!”

Today, John keeps a busy schedule as Assistant Governor for his Rotary Club District. In addition, he’s especially dedicated to projects focused on mental health and is a member of the Board of Trustees at CarePlus NJ. He also advocates for ending homelessness, hunger and domestic violence. During his tenure as a Bergen County freeholder and  Chairman in 2012, he  played a key role in bringing the impressive Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. statue to the Hackensack River Pathway on FDU’s Metropolitan Campus.

"There’s nothing that makes me feel better than connecting great people to great causes. FDU continues to play a central role in my ability to do so."
— John Mitchell

In his spare time, John is a bird watcher and enjoys nature as a member of the Bergen County Audubon Society. In his words, “it is a great experience for this ‘city kid’ that dovetails nicely with my environmental commitment.”


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