Friends of Florham Membership

Benefits of membership

Members of the Friends of Florham are united in their interest and dedication concerning the mansion and gardens. Membership funds are directed several ways: to restoring various architectural elements, such as the custom-made replacement doors for the entrance to the mansion and the refurbished lanterns in the courtyard; researching and recognizing horticultural features, such as the cut-leaf maple grove and the Florham lily; and collecting, cataloging and documenting the archives of the Twombly era.

Members receive the newsletter and announcements of the lectures, both twice a year. Guests who attend the annual gala in May become Friends of Florham as a result of their participation.

Membership levels vary. All donations, whether large or small, are gratefully received.

How to join the Friends of Florham

Download and print this concise membership form and return it by mail with your check.

Annual membership in Friends at Florham can be at any of these levels.

  • $25: Friend
  • $50: Special Friend
  • $100: Contributor
  • $200: Supporter
  • $500: Patron
  • $1,000: Sponsor
  • $5000: Shareholder

Please make your check payable to the Friends of Florham and mail your check to:

Friends of Florham, The Monninger Center
Florham Campus
Fairleigh Dickinson University
285 Madison Avenue
Madison, New Jersey 07940

Board of Trustees

  • Valerie Adams
  • Carol Bere
  • Samuel M. Convissor
  • Dawn Dupak
  • Elaine Earlywine
  • Susan Garrubbo
  • Sarah Hof
  • James Howard
  • Beth Hennessy
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Rosemarie Kells
  • Lisa MacNair
  • Suzanne Manke
  • Suzy Moran
  • Natalia Semenova
  • Ann Wellbrock
  • Ed Zimmerman

Honorary Trustees

  • Susan Adams
  • Linda Carrington
  • Phyllis Conway
  • Walter Cummins
  • Emma Joy Dana*
  • Kim Dougherty*
  • Carol C. Knauff
  • Audrey Parker
  • Ann Petrocelli*
  • Troy Simmons
  • Arthur T. Vanderbilt, II


University liaisons

  • Carol Black
  • Dr. Gary Darden
  • Eleanor Friedl
  • Dr. Peter Woolley