Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office provides administrative leadership, supervision, and coordination for the division of student affairs on the campus and includes campus ministries, counseling services, health services, residence life and student life.

Through leadership, program development and policy development, the dean of students contributes to the overall intellectual, social and personal development of the students.

The Dean of Students Office represents students’ needs to the University administration, faculty and departments and also transmits needs from these groups to the students. The office also oversees areas such as the emergency student loan program, student government advising, and student leave of absence.

The dean of students assists in carrying out the overall objectives of the student affairs division. Among the responsibilities of the dean are the overall coordination and preliminary investigation of disciplinary matters, new student orientation programs, commencement exercises, honor society induction programs, commuter student services and researching student needs. Students should view the Dean of Students Office as a viable source when faced with situations in need of resolution.

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Office of the Dean of Students

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