Reporting a Florham Housing Maintenance Issue

Maintenance Issues

Please review the following maintenance issues and how to report them.

Submit an Issue

How to Submit A Maintenance Issue

1. Log into your MyHousing Portal.

2. Click the More Tasks Tab, then click the Maintenance Reports link.

3. Under the Submit a New Maintenance Request heading, click the drop down box to select the hall you live in. Once you select your Hall, the rest of the form appears on the screen.

4. Select your Room Number from the drop down list.

5. Select the Category of the problem you are reporting.

6. Type in a Problem Title and Problem Description. Be brief but clear with your Problem Title. Be sure to explain exactly what is happening in the Problem Description. The more details you can give, the easier it will be for our maintenance staff to find and correct the issue. Please do not combine multiple problems into one submission.  When done, click Submit.

7. Your work order has been submitted. You will notice that the work order you just opened will be at the top of the screen under the heading Maintenance Requests.

Checking on the Status of Open Work Orders

You will be able to check the status of any work orders you have open by returning to this screen. You can return to this screen by following steps 1 – 3 above. You will notice that all work orders you have opened will be at the top of the screen under the heading Maintenance Requests.

When you first create a work order, the status will be Just Reported. There are five statuses shown below. Our maintenance staff will change the status of a work order depending upon which stage of the resolution process they are at.

If a part has to be ordered or when the work order is complete, maintenance will mark the work order accordingly and write notes, view-able by the student, letting them know the status of their work order.

Contact Information

Important Campus Numbers
(973) 443-8586
Housing Office
Facilities Department
Office of Public Safety
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