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The Department of Public Safety, Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus, is in operation 24 hours a day, 365 days per year and is comprised of motivated, trained and caring personnel. All are dedicated and committed to the protection of the lives, safety and welfare of students, faculty, staff and visitors to the University.

Department of Public Safety Mission Statement

The mission of Fairleigh Dickinson University Florham Campus Department of Public Safety, is committed to providing a safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Department of Public Safety employs motivated, well-trained, service oriented, and caring personnel.

Department of Public Safety will strive to provide effective and efficient best practices proactive approaches to meet the challenges of securing our campus community from harm. We are in operation 24 hours a day, every day.

We pride ourselves on custom service by being responsive, courteous and friendly.

Safety Practices for Pedestrians 

Be Visible

Make sure you’re visible to drivers at all times and make eye contact with them whenever possible. This is especially important at night, in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn or in inclement weather.  According to NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis, 32 percent of all pedestrian fatalities occur between 8 p.m. and 11:59 p.m.

Wear lightly colored or reflective clothing at night and brightly colored clothing during the day.

Stay in well-lit areas, especially when crossing the street. If possible, make eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles to ensure they see you before you cross in front of them.

Stay Alert – Avoid Distractions

Distractions are everywhere today and becoming more and more difficult to avoid. Remember that, as a pedestrian, your eyes and ears are your best tools for keeping safe. Stay alert and watch out.

  • Put down your phone. Smartphones and handheld electronic devices are a daily part of life, but they take your eyes off of the road and distract your attention.
  • Don’t wear headphones. Your ears will tell you a lot about what is happening around you – be sure to use them.

Follow the Rules

  • Know and follow all traffic rules, signs, and signals. You need to be aware of the rules vehicles around you must follow to properly anticipate what drivers will do. This will help increase your safety.
  • Never assume a driver will give you the right of way. Make every effort to make eye contact with the driver of a stopped or approaching vehicle before entering the roadway.

Walk in Safe Places

  • Use crosswalks when crossing the street. If a crosswalk is unavailable, be sure to find the most well-lit spot on the road to cross and wait for a long enough gap in traffic to make it safely across the street.
  • Stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If a sidewalk is not available, be sure to walk on the far side of the road facing traffic. This will help increase your visibility to drivers.
  • Avoid walking along highways or other roadways where pedestrians are prohibited.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption

  • Almost half of all traffic crashes resulting in pedestrian casualties involve alcohol consumption. Surprisingly, 34 percent of that total was on the part of the pedestrian. Alcohol impairs your decision-making skills, physical reflexes, and other abilities just as much on your feet as it does behind the wheel.

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