Parking on Campus

Parking Information


    This listing of summonses is returnable to the Florham Campus Enrollment Services Office within one week of issuance date. The phone number is (973) 443-8600. Please make checks payable to FDU.

    If you wish to appeal, you must do so in writing on the form supplied in The Public Safety Department Office within one week of issuance. Appeals are not accepted on Handicapped or Fire Lane violations.

    (Statutes, Offenses, and Penalties)

    6.1 – $50.* Fire Zone

    6.2 – $120. Speeding

    6.3 – $50. Handicapped

    6.4 – $35.* Special Permit/Reserve

    6.5 – $35.* Obstructing access to fire hydrant

    6.6 – $120. Impede or obstruct flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic

    6.7 – $50. Unpaved Area

    6.8 – $25. Faculty/Staff Spot

    6.9 – $25. Undesignated Area

    6.10 –  $100. Fraudulent use of decal or pass

    6.11 – $25. Failure to register

    6.12 – $200. & up Parking on Grass/Lawn

    6.13 – $100. Failure stop or yield

    6.14 – $100. Careless Driving

    6.16 – $50. Failure to display pass or decal

    6.17 – $100. Failure to Observe One Way

    6.18 – $100. Vandalism to Immobilizers

    6.19 – $120. Snow Removal Lot

    (*)  Indicates that the shown penalty doubles upon a repeat offense of the same violation. Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations manual available at the Public Safety Office.

Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations

    • Map
    • Preface
    • Introduction
    • Telephone Numbers
    • Section 1 General Information
    • Section 2 Registration of Vehicles
    • Section 3 Permit Information
    • Section 4 Insurance/Accidents/Loss/Theft/Medical Problems
    • Section 5 Parking Regulations
    • Section 6 Parking Violations
    • Section 7 Removal, Impoundment or Immobilization
    • Section 8 Violation Information
    • Section 9 New Jersey Statutes
    • Section 10 Towing
    • Section 11 Abandoned Vehicles
    • Section 12 Escort Service
    • Section 13 Florham Park/Madison Parking
    • Section 14 Vendors/Outside Contractors
    • Violation Schedule
  • Parking and traffic regulations set forth in this booklet apply to all who drive motor vehicles on any part of this University and are intended to control vehicular traffic, protect pedestrians, permit access of emergency vehicle and to provide parking as conveniently as possible for students, faculty, staff and visitors as well as guests of the University. Every vehicle on campus must have identification showing that it is legitimately on campus. Any vehicle not displaying a campus decal or pass may be removed from campus at driver/or owner’s expense.   Faculty, staff, and students will be issued appropriate decals. All who operate a motor vehicle on campus are subject to the regulations contained herein. All parking is designated by appropriate signage.

    • Florham Campus Department of Public Safety 973-443-8888
    • Emergency  9-1-1

    Note:  On campus, dial 66 (Office Phone) to report emergencies

    • Outside emergency phones are located (see map):
      • Mansion Lot
      • Lot 1
      • Lot 2/8
      • Lot 3 (Resident Lot)
      • Credit Union (on the right side
      • Student Center
      • Exterior doors to Dorm Village
      • Main entrance to Twombly Road
      • Park Avenue Apartments
      • Rutherford Hall
      • Front of Library
  • 1.0  The regulations contained herein are in force at all times. They have been established according to municipal ordinances, state motor vehicle statutes, and are designed for the benefit of the campus community. All community members are subject to the regulations outlined herein, including loss of parking privileges. The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to alter regulations when deemed necessary.

    1.1 Improperly or illegally parked motor vehicles are subject to removal or immobilization at the expense of the owner/operator. Please inquire at the Department of Public Safety office for the locations of the impounding service should your vehicle be towed or immobilized.

    1.2 Vehicles must be operated in a careful and prudent manner at all times.

    1.3 The Department of Public Safety reserves the right to revoke parking privileges for recurrent violations.

    1.4 Continued parking after revocation will subject the owner/operator the cost of immobilization of the motor vehicle or removal of the motor vehicle from University property.

    1.5  All persons enrolled in, or employed by the University, shall no longer park in areas or spaces which were designated for visitors.

    1.6  Any person operating a motor vehicle on campus, should they be stopped by an Officer within the Department of Public Safety, must show proper ID, valid driver’s license, current registration and insurance card.

    1.7 All who fail to register their motor vehicle and/or who fail to display a current campus permit, shall in no way relieve themselves of any responsibility or obligation for compliance with these regulations.

    1.8 No parking permits will be issued to freshman resident students, no exceptions.

    1.9 Resident students (red parking decal) are permitted to park only in spaces with red striping located in Lot #3 –resident parking ONLY.

    Commuter students (white parking decal) are permitted to park only in spaces indicated with white striping. This includes Lots 1, 2, 5 and 8. Commuters are not allowed to park in spaces designated for visitors. Lot #7 allows for registered visitors as well as commuter parking between 5:00 PM and 8:00 AM ONLY.

  • 2.1 Permission to operate a motor vehicle on campus is to be considered a privilege and not a right to which one is entitled of enrollment in or employment by the University.

    2.2  All members of the Campus Community who operate or park a motor vehicle on campus must obtain University consent by registering their motor vehicle or vehicles with the Department of Public Safety. Faculty/Staff members are eligible to register their vehicles through the mail or in person. The decal will only be issued if there are no outstanding summonses.

    2.3 Motor Vehicle registration must be completed by September 15thof each year or anything thereafter that a vehicle is first brought onto campus. New spring semester students must complete vehicle registration by February 15th. Summer students must display the proper decal on the first day of classes.

    2.3.1 All motor vehicles must be parked in areas and/or according to their campus affiliation awaiting new permit distribution.

    2.4 Consistent parking of an unregistered vehicle will subject the owner/operator to the costs of immobilization of the vehicle or removal of the vehicle from campus.

    2.5  Motor Vehicle registration is not considered complete unless, and until, the permit is properly displayed in accordance with the instruction printed thereon. Must be visible at all times.

    2.6 University owned vehicles need not be registered provided they are identified by the appropriate signs or makings indicating such ownership. The operators of such vehicles are, however, subject to all other regulations.

    2.7 Non-campus service vehicles need not be registered but must comply with all other regulations. Their vehicles must, as in the case of University-owned vehicles, be identified by appropriate signs or markings indicating the owner/operator.

    2.8 Any individual with unpaid parking fines may not be issued a decal to park on campus until all fines are paid. Must obtain clearance from Bursar’s office.

  • 3.1 All members of the Campus Community, who are eligible and have registered a motor vehicle for non-campus purposes, must properly display the current official permit in accordance with the instructions printed thereon. Permits are required to assist in traffic control and to provide information. Failure to display shall in no way relieve anyone of responsibility or obligation.

    3.2 Permits issued for the operation of two-wheeled motor vehicles must be displayed on the right fork. Driving or parking on pedestrian walks or unpaved areas such as lawns, grass, athletic fields, etc. is prohibited.

    3.3 NO permits will be issued unless the applicant presents his/her valid DRIVER’S LICENCE, AND STATE MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION. As well as INSURANCE VERIFICATION and the completed written application.

    3.4  Permits are not transferable.

    3.5 Permits must be removed under the following circumstances:

    • Change of vehicle ownership
    • Termination of association with the University
    • Permit expiration
    • Status change (ex. Staff to Faculty or Student to Staff)

    3.6 Employees may register more than on vehicle with the Department of Public Safety.

    3.7 The permit supplied by the Department of Public Safety is to be properly affixed to the inside rear most window on the left (driver’s) side of the vehicle, or the left side rear window. If all windows are tinted then the permit must be displayed on the dashboard. The window displaying the decal must be in the up of closed position when the vehicle is parked.

    3.8  Any loss of a permit must be reported immediately to the Department of Public Safety and a replacement fee of $5.00 will be charged.

    3.9 If a permit is defective and cannot be applied properly, it must be returned to the Department of Public Safety for exchange.

    3.10 Any change in license plates or address must be recorded at the Department of Public Safety promptly.

    3.11 Illegal use of permit, misrepresentation when obtaining one, fraudulent use of permit and/or obtaining a permit through improper channels will result in a $200.00 fine, and revocation of parking privileges.

    3.12 Special Purpose Parking permits can be issued to guests and visitors as well as those individuals qualifying for special need parking, i.e. University approved handicapped and short term injuries. Contact Department of Public Safety for further information.

    3.13  Whenever the campus is officially closed, all residents students’ vehicles must be removed from the campus. Special permission for the vehicle to remain on campus may be obtained by applying at the Department of Public Safety.

    3.14 Permits must be removed yearly and are valid from September 1st until expiration on August 31st the following year.

  • 4.1 All those operating a motor vehicle on campus must be covered for personal liability and property damage insurance as required by New Jersey State Laws (39:4-129 et.seq.).

    4.2  Owners and operators of vehicles park at their own risk on University property. The University does not assume responsibility for theft, loss or damage to any motor vehicle parked or operated on its premises. For insurance purposes, any owner who has suffered a loss is encouraged to fill out a report at the Department of Public Safety Office. Accidents must be reported to the local law enforcement agencies, as required by New Jersey law (39:4-159 et.seq.).

  • 5.1                                      Unauthorized parking in designated lots is prohibited.

    5.2  Responsibility for finding a legal parking space is the sole responsibility of the driver of the motor vehicle.

    5.3  All those utilizing areas as permit indicates, must not park in other areas or in which their permit is not valid. FDU issued Handicapped permits must not park in N.J. State Handicapped Spaces.

    5.4 Lack of space is not considered a valid excuse for any violations under any circumstances.

    5.5 In all cases in which a motor vehicle is parked, the position shall be such that the whole of the vehicle is located within the boundaries of the parking space.

    5.6  The fact that other vehicles are parked improperly shall not constitute a valid excuse for parking with any part of the motor vehicle over any boundary line.

    5.7 Vehicles must not be parked in such a manner that they constitute a hazard or impede the movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic or the operation of emergency and/or service equipment.

    5.8  The University does not guarantee anyone a parking space.

    5.9  Parking on grass, lawns or in unpaved areas is prohibited at all times.

    5.10  Persons who, on occasion, find it necessary to use a substitute unregistered vehicle, must notify the Department of Public Safety in advance and report the license plate number, etc., of the substitute vehicle. Failure to notify Public Safety may result in vehicle being removed from campus. This shall be allowed for a maximum of three days.

    5.11 When a motor vehicle becomes disabled on campus, a Disables Vehicle form must be filled out at the Department of Public Safety. This form must then be displayed on the disabled vehicle in accordance with the instructions printed on the form and is valid for twenty-four (24) hours. If disabled vehicles is to be on campus for more than 24 hours. Vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense.

    5.12 Active Loading and Unloading areas may only be utilized for the purposes of actively loading or unloading vehicles for a maximum duration of one (1) hour.

  • 6.1  No unauthorized vehicle shall be left standing or parked on any campus roadway, fire lane, fire zone, or loading zone.

    6.2 SPEEDING


    • FDU Handicapped permits must not utilize “State” handicapped parking spaces. Must use “FDU” Handicapped only.

    6.4  No motor vehicle shall be left in Special Permit spaces or No Parking Areas.

    6.5 No motor vehicle shall be left standing or parking within ten (10) feet of, or so as to impede or obstruct access to a fire hydrant.

    6.6 No motor vehicle shall be left standing or parked in such a manner so as to impede or obstruct the free flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic.

    6.7 No motor vehicle shall be driven, left standing or parked on grass, lawns, or in an unpaved area.

    6.8 Unauthorized parking is prohibited in any faculty/staff parking area or restricted parking area.

    6.9  Vehicles must park within the boundaries of a parking stall.

    6.10 Procuring or using a campus permit obtained through fraudulent or improper means is prohibited.

    6.11  All motor vehicles parked on campus must be registered through the Department of Public Safety and the current official permit must be displayed.

    6.12 Parking on grass is prohibited.

    6.13  No motor vehicle shall be operated in a manner that would violate stopping or yielding obligations as indicated by regulatory signs, roadway markings, or traffic indications.

    6.14  No motor vehicle shall be operated in a careless manner so as to endanger the public safety or welfare of others.

    6.16 Failure to display campus pass or decal.

    6.17  Vehicles must be operated in the direction of arrows, as designated by one way traffic signs, and normal flow of traffic.

    6.18 During winter months, vehicles are not permitted to park in closed lots due to snow removal. Your cooperation is requested.

  • 7.1  Any motor vehicle subject to removal, impoundment, or immobilization   whether or not a Campus or Municipal Summons has been issued, under the following conditions.

    • If the vehicle is left standing or parked so as to interfere with or impede the flow in any parking facility, the flow of pedestrian traffic, the operation of emergency equipment, etc.
    • If the vehicle is left standing or parked on any roadway, service drive, lot entrance-way, loading dock area, fire lane or fire zone; within 10 feet of a fire hydrant; in areas marked with yellow lines; or in violations of prohibitory signs.
    • If the vehicle is left standing or parked on any surface not specifically paved or marked for the legal operation of a motor vehicle; i.e., lawns grass, unpaved areas, athletic fields, pedestrian walks, etc.
    • If unauthorized vehicle is left standing or parked in any stall, lot area; or is blocking the use of any restricted or reserved parking stall.
    • If the vehicle displays a counterfeit, altered, transferred, or otherwise fraudulent parking permit or a permit which resulted from an applicant giving false information on the permit application.
    • If the vehicle is left standing or parked in any loading or unloading area in excess of the 60 minute time limit.
    • Any vehicle that has five (5) or more summonses or has been immobilized three (3) or more times will be subjected to immediate removal and impoundment upon receipt of the next summons.
    • A vehicle receiving a campus parking summons and then remains in that same violation for more than 24 hours will receive an additional summons.
    • A vehicle not displaying a campus decal or pass will be subjected to removal from campus at owner/operator’s expense.
  • 8.1  Penalties: Municipal Summonses are returnable to the appropriate Violations Bureau Clerk or Court in the Municipality indicated on the summons. Penalties are believed according to the Bureau Schedule, New Jersey State Law (Title 39) or, in the case of some violations, the Municipal Judge.


    • Any person receiving a campus parking summons, as a first offense, will be subject to a fine of $25.00. A second violation will subject the motorist to a fine of $75.00. Subsequent violations will continue to be charged to the motorist at a cost of $140.00 each.
    • Any person receiving a campus summons for parking in a handicapped stall or fire zone, at first offense, will be subject to a fine of $50.00. A second violation will subject the motorist to a fine of $100.00. A third fine violation will subject the motorist to a fine of $150.00. Subsequent violations will continue to be charged at $150.00.
    • Careless driving (as defined by Title 39) is $100.00
    • Stop sign violation (as defined by Title 39) is $100.00
    • Entering a one way roadway or a designate “DO NOT ENTER” area is $100.00.
    • Blocking a roadway is $120.00
    • Failure to follow direction of a Public Safety Officer is $100.00
    • Parking in a reserved or special permit area is $35.00
    • Impounded vehicles require a $25.00 cash fee payable to Fairleigh Dickinson University, paid at Department of Public Safety Headquarters.
    • Vehicles immobilized by Public Safety require a release fee of $100.00 payable to Fairleigh Dickinson University. Payment is paid at Public Safety Headquarters.
    • Vehicle riding on pedestrian pathways, grass, lawns, or walkways is $200.00 and up depending on damages.
    • All campus roadways have a posted speed limit of 15 mph. Motorist’s speeds are randomly monitored by police radar. A motorist receiving a campus summons for a speeding violation is subject to a fine of $120.00.

    8.3  A campus summons must be paid at the bursar’s office within one week from the date of issuance. Rejected appeals must be paid within one week.

    8.4 A rejected appeal can not be re-appealed. Decision is final.

    8.4 Summons for violations of regulations may be served by affixing it to the vehicle involved in the violation, or by mailing.

    8.5  Due process includes the right to have a meeting to discuss a rejected appeal. Please call the Department of Public Safety for details.

    8.6  Appeals of Campus Summons must be in writing to the Department of Public Safety on an official campus appeal form. The right of an appeal shall be forfeited unless such appeal is made within one week of issuance date. Appeal forms are available at the Department of Public Safety.

    8.7 MUNICIPAL SUMMONS- shall be issued to all unregistered motor vehicles which are in violation of New Jersey State Motor Vehicle Laws (Title 39) or Municipal Ordinance. They shall also be used for violations of fire zones, for fire lanes, regardless of whether the vehicle is registered for “on-campus” parking or not. Authority for, and enforcement of, state and municipal regulations have been promulgated pursuant to Municipal regulations have been promulgated pursuant to Municipal Ordinance and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Statutes (Title 39).

  • 9.1 Authority for an enforcement of state and municipal regulations has been       promulgated pursuant to Municipal Ordinance and New Jersey Motor Vehicle Statutes (Title 39).

    9.2 Authority and enforcement of campus regulations are based on various recommendations accepted and approved by the Administration, in conjunction with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Statue (Title 39).

  • 10.1  In the event that the towing vehicle has in any way, or by any means, been attached to the vehicle about to be removed but the removal has not actually begun, the owner/operator will become liable for a road charge fee to be determined by the tow company.

    10.2  Owner/Operator must pay the $25.00 fee to Fairleigh Dickinson University at the Department of Public Safety Headquarters before a release form is issued. This fee does not include the towing fee, payable directly to the towing agent.

    10.3 All removal and storage charges must be paid directly to the vendor or his representative.

    10.4  The University assumes no responsibility for the care of protection of, or damage to, any vehicle or its contents as a result of removal and impoundment.

    10.5 Removal and impoundment charges are assessed by private vendors and are not subject to appeal. The University does not receive, either directly or indirectly, any portion of the charges paid.

    10.6  A release form from the Department of Public Safety is needed in order to recover the towed vehicle. The towing company will not release a vehicle until they receive the release form and payment of all charges.

  • 11.1 If any provision of these regulations shall be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be ineffective, such determination shall in no way affect or impair the remaining provisions thereof but shall be confined in its operation to the provisions directly involved in a controversy in which said determination shall have been rendered.


    39:4-56.5  It shall be unlawful for any person to abandon a motor vehicle on any public or any private property without the consent of the owner. A vehicle remaining for a period of more than 48 hours without current license plates shall be prima facie evidence of such abandonment.

  • 12.1  Escorts will be provided by a Public Safety vehicle or by foot patrol when requested of the Department of Public Safety for safety purposes only, Safety escorts will be provided between the hours of 5pm and 5am except during Daylight Savings Time when the times will be 8pm to 6am daily.

    12.2  Escort Service will be provided on Campus only. No off-campus Escort will be provided.

  • Each fire zone and lane is established in accordance with Borough requirements. The Twombly Hall/Dorm Village fire zone area includes, but is not limited to,

    Dreyfuss Road, Twombly Road, all secondary spurs and branches used by service/maintenance vehicles and walkways.

    All fire zones and lanes are indicated by appropriate signs and markings.

    It should be kept in mind that these zones and lanes are not established arbitrarily but are necessary to the safety and well being of the University community.

    13.1 PARKING   (see Section 13.2 for lot locations)

    13.1.1   RESIDENT STUDENTS- Color Code: Red

    A.  Lot #3

    B. Lot #6

    13.1.2 COMMUTER STUDENTS- Color Code: WHITE

    • Lot #1
    • Lot #2 and #8
    • Some sections of Lot #5
    • Lot #7

    13.1.3  FACULTY/STAFF- Color Code: GREEN

    • Mansion                      Lot #11
    • Science Complex        Lot #9 & #10
    • Dreyfuss                      Lot #4
    • Barn                            Lot #5
    • Library                                    Lot #12

    13.1.4  VISITORS- Color Code: WHITE- Must be a registered visitor.

    13.1.5  GENERAL PARKING- Located in Lot 2 near property border near electric power sub-station nearer to football field


    13.2.1  Lot #1 is located inside the Park Avenue North Gate at the foot of the hill below the Science Building.

    13.2.2   Lot #2 extends along the fence bordering the campus on the north side and is directly across the main roadway from the Recreation, Science and Dreyfuss Buildings.

    13.2.3 Lot #3 is located on the Park Avenue side of the campus adjacent to the dormitories. Its entrance is located at the juncture of

    Dreyfuss Road and Twombly Road.

    13.2.4 Lot #3 has special parking for the residents of the Village residence halls. The overflow from Lot #6 will be allowed to utilize these spaces.

    13.2.5 Lot #4 is located on

    Dreyfuss Road west of the Dreyfuss Building near the Athletic Field.

    13.2.6   Lot #5 is located in the rear of the Barn.

    13.2.7    Lot #6 is located near Rutherford Hall/Danforth entrance designated for    residents of Rutherford Hall.

    13.2.8   Lot #7 is located opposite Lot #6 and designated for staff, registered visitors and commuters after 5:00pm until 8:00am.




    Statute Offense Penalty

    6.1 Fire Zone $50

    6.2 Speeding $120

    6.3 Handicapped $50

    6.4 Special Permit/Reserve $35

    6.5 Obstructing access to fire hydrant $50

    6.6 Impede or obstruct flow of

    pedestrian or vehicular traffic $120

    6.7 Unpaved Area $50

    6.8 Faculty/Staff Spot $25

    6.9 Undesignated Area $25

    6.10 Fraudulent use of decal or pass $100

    6.11 Failure to register $25

    6.12 Parking on Grass/Lawn $200 & up

    6.13 Failure to stop or yield $1

    6.14 Careless Driving $100

    6.15 Vehicles must park in location

    designated by parking permit or pass $50

    6.16 Failure to display pass or decal $50

    6.17 Failure to observe One Way $100

    6.18 Vandalism to Immobilizers $100

    6.19 Snow Removal Lot $120