Lost and Found

Department of Public Safety will accept misplaced or lost items from members of the campus community. Lost and Found will be located within headquarters at Department of Public Safety, the Barn.

  1. When items are bought to Lost and Found
    • Officer will log item into lost and found book by date, found by, description of item and location found.
    • If item has owner’s information, officer will contact individual and advise them that items has been located and can be picked up from public safety, must show ID.
  2. To pick up items
    • Must show ID
    • Officer will log in lost/found book that item was released to; date, time and officer will also sign.
  3. Unclaimed Items (every attempt will be made to identify the owner)
    • The item(s) will be kept in headquarters for 60 days;
      • Clothing and jewelry will be donated to a charity organization
      • Unclaimed Bank cards, Driver Licenses, ID cards will be destroyed in 30 days
      • Unclaimed Cell phones/electronic devices will be donated to Women Shelter
      • Library books will be returned to the Library
      • Textbooks will be returned to Bookstore
      • Eye glasses will be donated to America Legion
      • Money will be send to Dean of Students Office to aid students in need

Lost and Found Book will be checked daily by supervisor on each shift.