Organization Resources

In any college community, there is a responsibility to provide opportunities for students to express their individual­ity and to sat­isfy their needs and interests. At Fairleigh Dick­inson University, the student clubs and organizations, in cooperation with the Office of Stu­dent Life pro­vide many of those opportunities.

The Office of Student Life seeks to compliment the traditional programs of study and enhance the over­all educa­tional experi­ence through development of, exposure to, and par­ticipation in social, cultural, in­tellectual, recrea­tional, and gov­ernance activi­ties. The Of­fice of Student Life seeks to provide an envi­ronment in which students are

  • Encouraged and assisted in the development of activities that expand involvement in the college community  and soci­ety;
  • Exposed to various cultures and experiences, ideas and issues, art and musical forms;
  • Informed about institutional policies, procedures, and aided in the awareness and utilization of facilities and other cam­pus resources;
  • Assisted in the development of leadership through opportunities to practice leader­ship, decision-making, and other re­lated skills.

Should you have a special interest in an area that is not currently an active or recog­nized student club, we encour­age you to de­velop that interest into a new student club. The proc­ess for starting a club is simple and can be ex­plained by con­tacting the Of­fice of Student Life. Our office will provide you with informa­tion regarding your first mem­ber­ship meet­ing, writing a constitu­tion for the group, and receiving recog­nition and fund­ing from Student Gov­ern­ment.

 It is the philosophy of the Office of Student Life to encourage students in leadership positions to assume high levels of decision making and responsibility.  However, it has become evident that in certain situations the same students have assumed leadership positions in more than one organization or programs on campus.  When this situation occurs, the potential impact upon the individual student, their organization or programs and the populations which they serve increases greatly.  It has also become apparent that because of the relationship that exists between certain organizations, it may be a conflict of interest to allow the same individual to function as an executive officer for more than one student organization.  It is the position of Student Life that as many students as possible become involved in activities and be encouraged to assume leadership responsibilities.

The quality of your involvement in Student Life can be measured by your will­ing­ness to take risks. Leader­ship is not a short-term commitment — it is a lifelong com­mit­ment. The aptitudes and skills that you develop here at

Fairleigh Dickinson Uni­ver­sity will change as your environment changes and will be a trade secret to success in your life­long community role. The ability is yours and the information to get started is here.

The Student Organization Resource pages are for student leaders and advisors and include all you need to know about running an organization. It will aid you in successfully leading your student organization and will familiarize you with the rules and policies related to recognize student organizations.  As an important part of campus life, student organizations and other co-curricular activities provide leadership development opportunities to enhance your college career.  Through the Office of Student Life, Fairleigh Dickinson University provides certain privileges to student organizations in good standing.  This opportunity will enhance the overall educational experience of students through development of exposure to, and participation in social, cultural, intellectual, recreational, and governance programs.