This 18-credit, 6-course certificate program recognizes the importance of enhancing the leadership and management of the key administrators of modern law enforcement, Emergency management and Public Safety organizations. The emphasis is on blending communication, decision-making and strategic partnering skills with the latest trends in Human Resource management, Finance and Media strategies. These credits can also be applied to the Master of Administrative Science degree program.

Choose six courses from the following:

  • MADS 6601 Financial Administration
  • MADS 6604 Ethics & Public Values [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6608 Organizational Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • MADS 6610 Organizational Decision Making
  • MADS 6617 Emergency Management & Safety Administration [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6618 Leadership Plus [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6620 Human Resources Systems: Approaches & Techniques for the Modern Workplace
  • MADS 6626 Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Seminar (International Elective)
  • MADS 6628 Building Strategic Partnerships [National Guard Bureau Approved Online Course]
  • MADS 6655 Contemporary Issues in Community Policing
  • MADS 6656 Social Problems & Solutions
  • MADS 6675 Optimum Leadership
  • MADS 6703 Special Topics: Public Presentations & Media Strategies
  • MADS 6762 Current Issues in Immigration Law

Course Descriptions