Public Safety and Emergencies

For all campus emergencies (medical, fire, safety & security, thefts, etc.) immediately contact the Department of Public Safety at (201) 692-2222 for Metro and (973) 443-8888 for Florham. Public Safety is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Dial 2222 or 8888 from any campus phone. If emergency personnel need to be contacted, Public Safety will do so. If the RA on call in your building needs to be informed, Public Safety will contact them and any other Residence Life staff member that needs to be made aware of your situation.

Safety Precautions

Always lock your door whenever you leave your room, even if it is only for a short time. Never leave your room door unlocked if your roommate is asleep! This leaves your roommate especially vulnerable.

Lockouts – If you are locked out of your room, you must always contact the Department of Public Safety. Your student account will be charged $10 for every time you are locked out. Always carry your room key and/or ID card with you.

Unauthorized use of your FDU ID – Borrowing or loaning your FDU ID card to guests or friends is strictly prohibited under any circumstances. Keep close track of your FDU ID card.

Never allow someone into the residence halls or your personal room that you do not know. Any person visiting a resident of the building must always be received by their host in the lobby of the building to be escorted to the room. You should never open the door of your building for someone not visiting you. Simply tell the person, “You must call the person you are visiting and ask them to come let you in.” As soon as you choose to let strangers into the residence halls, you are compromising the safety and security of the building.

General Safety Information

Health & Safety Inspections – twice a year, the Housing and Residence Life staff conduct inspections of all residence hall rooms. Additionally, University staff typically enter rooms over break periods for health and safety checks and routine maintenance.