Transforming College Campuses at Fairleigh Dickinson University strives to create inclusive environments where students explore opportunities for growth, engage in meaningful shared experiences, and thrive as self-directed learners.

TCC Initiatives and Events

students eating at a dining hall table

Click on the links below to learn more about our various program series and one-off events. Some programs are open to students and others are open to students, faculty, and staff. To find dates and times for upcoming programs, check out the Metro Student Life Calendar and the Florham Student Life Calendar.

Share a Concern

There are multiple ways to report students of concern. At any point, you can refer/report a student to the Florham Campus by calling 973-443-8935 or to the Metropolitan Campus by calling 201-692-2190.

However, in order to ensure the best response we recommend the following:

  1. If you feel that you or the student are in immediate danger, or need immediate medical assistance, please call the Florham Campus Public Safety office at 973-443-8888 or the Metropolitan Campus Public Safety office at 201-692-2222.
  2. For all other concerns such as behavior, health, wellness, general concern for a student or a classroom related issues (missed classes, not doing work, etc…) please use the following report:

FDU CARES Report Form

This report is received by multiple people and it can be acted upon immediately.

For any questions or concerns, please contact the Florham Campus Dean of Students Office at 973-443-8935 or the Metropolitan Campus Dean of Students Office at 201-692-2190.