LiveWell Happenings

Live Well Happenings LogoTCC runs a wide variety of events open to students, faculty and staff. Learn more about the types of events on this page, and check the Student Life calendars to find out when the events are scheduled.

Spirit Lunch

Students, faculty and staff are welcomed to engage in dialogue and fellowship around religion and spirituality. Individuals who have a personal belief in a higher power, participate in meditation or prayer, have an organizational belief system, and/or lack the belief in the existence of gods, are all welcomed to the conversation. Spirit lunches will occur monthly on the Florham and Metro campuses.

To find event dates, search on your campus student life calendar for Spirit Lunch.

Cupboard Cafe

Take a seat, have a drink, and learn the origins of where it came. Explore beverages from various countries, share travel stories, recommendations of places to see, and study abroad opportunities that exist. We invite students, faculty and staff to share their journeys, learn from others, and enjoy each other’s company. Dates TBD.

To find event dates, search on your campus student life calendar for Cupboard Cafe.


This LiveWell experience allows you to gain a deeper understanding of wellness through tea.  Participants will have the opportunity to interact through the medium of tea culture and appreciation to promote self-care. 

Unleash Your Unique

Unleash Your Unique is a four-week series, occurring twice a semester, that allows members of the Fairleigh Dickinson University community to learn a new skill, find a hidden talent, meet others with similar interests, and engage in community. As individuals, we usually find connection and belonging when we find others who can teach us, who have passion, and who give us the opportunity to grow. Until you spread your wings, you’ll have no idea how far you can fly.

All FDU students, faculty, staff and community members can be an instructor or participant.

Examples of sessions include: creating writing, yoga and meditation, true crime probes, knitting, anime, and more. One of the many things that improves mental health and overall wellbeing is finding something you love doing.

Interested in running an Unleash Your Unique session? Check out the instructor info.

To find event dates, search on your campus student life calendar for Unleash Your Unique.