Combined Degree Program


Runs gamut of formal to informal pipeline arrangements to prepare students with prerequisites for another degree program. Needs a contact person at primary agency to make sure prereqs continue to line up year after year.



Diploma Factors

TWO degree diplomas; diplomas are issued from DIFFERENT institution; ONE agency name on each diploma.
Some universities may give students early acceptance into a second consecutive degree program (such as BSPH + MPH), but no concurrency of programs – this is a variation of combined degree in a single agency


Start/finish first degree at Agency A then start/finish the second degree at Agency B

Application/Acceptance Factors

  • OPTIMAL: Apply to both agencies at same time and get accepted to both programs at same time, or separated only by short period of time.
  • LESS OPTIMAL: Apply to each agency at separate times and get accepted to second program separately, separated by time from acceptance to first program.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Factors

Financial aid always separate as programs are consecutive, at different agencies.

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