Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • While this is determined on a case by case basis, if you have been sued in connection with your official duties as a University employee and you have acted lawfully and in good faith, you will likely be indemnified and defended by the University. “Official duties” include those duties and responsibilities that are part of the employee’s job description and authority.

  • …I am contacted by an attorney in connection with University business?

    Do not turn over any documents or provide any information. See the Subpoenas, Complaints and other Legal Documents page.

  • To enter a contract on behalf of the University, you must have signatory authority for the subject matter and the amount of the contract and you must also comply with the University’s Contract Approval and Signatory Authority policy and procedures.

    That policy and procedures should be reviewed for more detail.

  • Generally speaking, your conversations on matters involving University business will be privileged as to outside third parties, but depending on the circumstances, may not be confidential as to other University officials.

  • No. Only the Office of General Counsel may retain outside counsel for matters related to the University.

  • The Office of General Counsel does not generally refer employees to private attorneys.

  • The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice and representation to Fairleigh Dickinson University as an institution. The University and all of its colleges, schools, units and departments are one legal entity. In that capacity, the Office of General Counsel advises the Trustees, Officers, Faculty, and Staff, all acting within the course and scope of their employment in matters concerning University business, to reach decisions that are in the best interest of the University. To the extent there are differing opinions on any particular issue, the President, or if the situation requires, the University’s Board of Trustees have final authority.

    The Office of General Counsel cannot represent or give legal advice to individuals – trustees, officers, faculty, members – on non-University matters.

    The Office of General Counsel cannot represent or give legal advice to students, unless they are employed by the University and then only in connection with the scope of their employment.

  • The Office of General Counsel is located on the Metropolitan Campus, in Dickinson Hall, room 3330. We can be reached by phone at 201-692-7071.