Title IX: Athletics

Since its inception, Title IX has required gender equity in higher education athletic programs, and FDU is committed to complying with this requirement. Per the NCAA,

“An athletics program can be considered gender equitable when the participants in both the men’s and women’s sports programs would accept as fair and equitable the overall program of the other gender. No individual should be discriminated against on the basis of gender, institutionally or nationally, in intercollegiate athletics.”
                                                       – NCAA Gender Equity Task Force, 1992 

Further, the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) considers whether an institution is effectively enforcing Title IX to accommodate athletes equitably in areas such as: equipment and supplies; game and practice times; travel and per diem allowances; coaching and academic tutoring; assignment and compensation of coaches and tutors; locker rooms, practice and competitive facilities; medical and training facilities and services; housing and dining facilities and services; and publicity.

Since 1994, the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act has required that all colleges and universities create an annual report, which provides gender equity information about their athletic programs, available to the public. You may review the EADA reports for both of FDU’s athletic programs here:

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