Recommended Courses for Transfer Students

Please note that community college classes will be accepted for transfer credit according to the guidelines established by the New Jersey transfer agreement. However, each academic program has its own major requirements.

Both the Biology and Biology/DPT majors have many required science classes in the first two years of study, many acting as a prerequisite for the next course in the sequence. In order to begin Genetics and other upper level biology courses upon transferring to FDU, we recommend that incoming transfer students have completed the following science courses before transferring to FDU:

  • Introductory Biology 1 with lab (4 credits)—Biol 1201 (lecture), Biol 1203 (lab)
  • Introductory Biology 2 with lab (4 credits)—Biol 1202, 1204
  • General Chemistry 1 with lab (4 credits)—Chem 1201, 1203
  • General Chemistry 2 with lab (4 credits)—Chem 1202, 1204
  • Cell Biology with lab (4 credits)—Biol 2003, 2004

Other recommended courses are as follows:

  • Organic Chemistry 1 with lab or Physics 1 with lab (4 credits)—Chem 2261, 2263 or Phys 1001, 1011
  • Organic Chemistry 2 with lab or Physics 2 with lab (4 credits)—Chem 2264, 2266 or Phys 1002, 1012
  • Ecology (4 credits)—Biol 2049, 2050

The courses listed above represent the typical freshman and sophomore year load of science classes. Students who have not completed this coursework prior to entering FDU should anticipate at least one extra semester to meet the department’s requirements.