Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

Why should I join the LSAMP program?

You should join the LSAMP program if you wish to:

  1. join a community of fellow classmates, faculty and administrators who will help you excel in your course work at Fairleigh Dickinson University;
  2. participate in special academic programs for STEM majors; and
  3. participate in research and internships in STEM fields.

Why should I continue being in the LSAMP program?

You should continuing being in the LSAMP program if you wish to:

  1. to earn money by tutoring students in subject in which you excel
  2. earn money by mentoring students in non-academic matters that influence academic progress; and
  3. participate in research and internships in STEM fields.

What connections can I make in the LSAMP program?

Being in the LSAMP program will connect you with LSAMP Scholars, faculty, and administrators from other colleges and universities in New Jersey and possibly other colleges and universities in other states of the nation. LSAMP Scholars are also given priority for financial assistance for master’s and doctorate degrees in participating universities.

Does the LSAMP program have partnerships?

The LSAMP program has partnerships with departments within Fairleigh Dickinson University (such Career Development and EOF) and outside of Fairleigh Dickinson University (such Operation Wallacea).

Can I apply to be in the LSAMP program?

If you are an undergraduate student and a United States citizen or permanent resident who is majoring or will be majoring in a STEM field you may apply.

Please download the LSAMP application. Once you have filled out the application you can print and mail it in, or email it to

What is the GS-LSAMP program?

The GS (Garden State) LSAMP program is an alliance of 9 colleges and universities in central and northern New Jersey that creates a larger STEM community that exists at any one institution of the alliance. The Participating colleges and universities are: Bloomfield College, Essex County College, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Kean University, Montclair State University, New Jersey City University, Rutgers University (Newark), Rutgers University (New Brunswick), and William Patterson University.

Does the LSAMP program have any upcoming events?

Biodiversity Conservation in the Tropics – Summer Research Opportunities

Operation Wallacea is a network of academics from European and North American universities, who design and implement biodiversity and conservation management research programs. In 2012/13 the expeditions are operating in 11 countries: Indonesia, Honduras, Egypt, Cuba, South Africa, Mozambique, Madagascar, Peru, Guyana, Romania, and Mexico. Research is supported by students who join the program to strengthen their CV or resume, gain course credit, or collect data for a dissertation or thesis. Academics benefit from funding for high quality fieldwork enabling them to publish papers in peer reviewed journals. This model enables the collection of large temporal and spatial datasets used for assessing the effectiveness of conservation management interventions. Ian Hendy, an Operation Wallacea supported PhD student studying mangrove ecology in Indonesia, will be speaking at Fairleigh Dickinson University in the Wilson Auditorium to anyone interested in hearing more about Operation Wallacea and summer research opportunities in the tropics.

Can I contact someone in the LSAMP program?

For academic issues:

Dr. Marion McClary

Who are the LSAMP program coordinators?

Dr. Marion McClary
LSAMP Program Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences
Co-Director, School of Natural Sciences

Angela Lugo
LSAMP Program Post Award Manager
Sponsored Programs Associate, Grants and Sponsored Projects