Students and faculty in the School of Social Sciences study the past and present and seek to create a better and more just future. Students explore a wide-ranging curriculum that includes government and politics, international affairs, criminal justice, law, sociology, communication, and history. Students aim not only to understand societal problems but to become engaged learners and devise solutions to them.

Each of the majors in the School of Social Sciences provides students with opportunities for transformative and experiential learning through internships, field trips, guest lectures, and study abroad courses. Through these opportunities, students gain an understanding of the applications of course concepts to real-world settings, expand their social and professional networks, and gain hands-on experience in professional environments.

Pictured above: Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan (June 2023) – Part of the 6th biennial history program to East Asia and the South Pacific. This program offered a 15-day tour of Japan. Photo taken in front of Japan’s most historic Buddhist temple in the ancient capital of Nara, one that remains the largest wooden structure in the world.